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  1. I got this album/CD around the time it first came out. I was sick at the time of my first listen and now every time I see or hear about this album I automatically think about being sick. Kinda sucks cause from what I remember, it was pretty good. Should probably just get over it at this point though. That ever happen with anyone else?
  2. Yep! That’s it haha. I was in the center a little further back than what the picture shows.
  3. I am all about Bray Wyatt’s new gimmick. Favorite thing I’ve seen in WWE (gimmick wise) in a very long time:
  4. So I saw these guys this past Saturday for a "4/20 Show" with Pet Symmetry, Sincere Engineer, and the Sidekicks. They played a new song featuring Deanna Belos (from Sincere Engineer) which was absolutely incredible. Also, they said they just got the test presses in for their new album due out this Summer. So damn ready.
  5. Dragonball Wave up now: https://tigerbloodtapes.bandcamp.com/album/dragonball-wave
  6. Not sure. Just when I click to buy it says “$26 + $11 shipped to the US.”
  7. Was excited to see “Fantasy” still available this morning. Completely changed when I saw it’d cost me $37 shipped. This is really getting ridiculous. If anything, these prices have forced me to be very selective with what artists I grab stuff from. Wish I could grab every one of these releases that pop up but it’s impossible at this point. As of right now the only thing I’m needing to get/waiting for represses of are: Vaperror - Mana Pool NxxxxxS - Remember Last Summer Catsystem Corp. - Palm Mall MACROSS 82-99 - SAILORWAVE After those, I’m thinking I’ll be okay for a while. At least until the rest of Yung Bae’s stuff gets pressed.
  8. Yeah I was reading those comments haha. I mean I get it, but as long as I get the product, it’s not that big of a deal. I think I currently have 3 preorders with them myself.
  9. Night Tempo - Fantasy repress at 11:00pm PST (2:00am EST). Available here: https://neoncityrecords.bandcamp.com/