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  1. Either way the price jump hurts a bit of course, but at least there’s actual incentive this time. That’s how the got me at least 😂
  2. The price jump actually makes sense this time around. For the season one “special edition”, they were charging $50 more just for a variant and different packaging. This time, yeah you get a variant and different packaging, but you also get 2 whole extras discs worth of music.
  3. That was my only complaint about Noroi as well. Absolutely love it but it is a bit long, so I understand. I also watched Promising Young Woman! So damn good. How was Synchronic? Loves those guys’ 2 previous movies so I’m pretty stoked for this.
  4. Holy shit yesss. Always regretted not grabbing the HT press so this is amazing.
  5. There’s been random occasions where other places like Mondo have had exclusive variants of their stuff and that could possibly happen with this but I wouldn’t hold out just to be safe.
  6. Oh yeah for sure. 3 months seems like it’d be a super quick turnaround for something as massive as this. Then again that’s probably more of a projected date. I’d expect that to be off by a month or 2. Originally they had both of their “Haunting Of...” soundtracks set to ship in December and that was pushed back to January.
  7. I don’t see anything about it being a timed preorder. You’d think at that price they’d stick around for a while but then again we don’t know the pressing size either
  8. Price tag was for sure a little ouchie. I was being hopeful in expecting $350-$375. Everything about this looks absolutely worth it though. 18 180g LP’s, amazing/beautiful artwork, incredible looking variants that match the artwork for each sleeve perfectly, big ol tank of a box for it all to go into, and a slipmat. Price may hurt but once these are in hand, I doubt anyone regrets it.
  9. You’ll be able to. The subscription is just for exclusive variants. They’ll be sold on their own in a different variant or standard black.
  10. Amazing. I still wouldn’t mind having this but $6.99 is about the right price haha.
  11. Aww man. Yeah you gotta sit down and give that one some attention. It deserves it. You get a chance to check out Noroi: The Curse yet??
  12. The Dark and the Wicked came out on blu-ray/DVD yesterday so I picked it up and the wife and I watched it last night. Creepy as hell. I personally loved The Strangers, thought Mockingbird was enjoyable, and haven’t seen The Monster yet (even though I own it), so I was excited to see what the director could come up with next. I think it’s for sure his best movie yet. Incredibly tense atmosphere throughout with a real heavy constant feeling of dread. It’s distributed by Shudder so for those who have that, if it’s not on there yet I imagine it will be in the next couple months. W
  13. It’s actually pretty funny: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0302640/

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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