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  1. Price is gonna be £39.99 which is about $50 US. And that’s before shipping. Expensive as hell but I gotta get this. BUT apparently there are details about a North American retail version coming soon. All this info is from a picture of a slide from a presentation All-Anime was doing at some con. I have the picture still but for some reason I can’t login to upload pictures on Imgur anymore in my phone’s browser and for how often I upload photo’s I’m not downloading the app, which is dumb but whatever.
  2. I get you guys all wanting everything in one whole big set but you're really missing out if you haven't gotten the recent box-sets of season 1 & 2, and then the Return set. Packaging is so cool on everything. I have a feeling when/if this "complete collection" set comes out, it'll just be a big, bulky plastic box with the discs just in standard flippy holder things. Then again this is my favorite show of all-time so I probably care about some stuff that you guys don't lol.
  3. There’s a set of the 3 seasons coming out. No film included though. https://moviehole.net/a-new-twin-peaks-box-set-is-coming-heres-why-youll-want-it/ It’s totally worth it to grab the Criterion edition of FWWM though. It’s a beautiful set with amazing extras.
  4. Guy I work with was nice enough to give me his Shudder login so it’s pretty awesome having access to even more horror all the time. Haven’t watched much on it yet, but the wife and I watch “Terrified” last night. Goddamn that movie was creepy as fuck. Think of it as a mixture of “Hereditary” and “Paranormal Activity” (minus the found footage stuff). I believe it just came out last year and Guillermo Del Toro has already confirmed he’ll be the producer of an American remake. Completely unnecessary of course but still kind of cool.
  5. Hopefully this means Thursday is the day where they restock the rest of the vinyl as well.
  6. Nope. Had no idea it was even up until I saw he posted that it was up on Facebook. I was about 40 minutes too late. Every item was sold out.
  7. That price... oof. Really want this but am going to hold off for now. Maybe it (or a standard black) will pop up on Bullmoose or Amazon. Honestly though, I’d probably buy his previous album in a heartbeat if they pressed it.
  8. Black Widow has always been the least interesting of the Marvel characters IN MY OPINION. That’s why I said “why I should care”, as in speaking for myself and not “why WE should care”, because I know there are people who are interested. Just wasn’t sure what the point was unless we’re going to see her doing things that are going to effect the universe faaaaar in the future.
  9. I’m still trying to wrap my head around why I should care about the Black Widow series coming out. Considering her fate in End Game.