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  1. That’s kind of part of the joke. If you saw the episode that the song was from, then I don’t think you’d be questioning it. Then again, I expect to hear this song on the radio soon seeing as it fits right in with everything else that’s popular right now. Miley and Trent will then proceed to laugh all the way to the bank.
  2. Anyone else watch E3? What’s everyone excited for? Me personally, it’s: - The Blair Witch - Cyberpunk 2077 - Elden Ring - Doom: Eternal - Final Fantasy 7: Remake - Dragonball Project: Kakarot - 12 Minutes - Ghostwire: Tokyo - Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC - Pretty much everything mentioned in the Nintendo Direct Still really missed Sony this year. It was weird not having them there. Hoping they do some kind of “direct” soon.
  3. YOU’RE A MOD FOR GOD’S SAKE https://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/92777-waxwork-records-thread/
  4. Someone help this man out. One of the most impressive Wonder Years collections I’ve seen.
  5. It would help if the actual entertainment was entertaining. AEW needs to start right now. I really don’t know how much more Raw and Smackdown I can watch. Something needs to change so very soon. NXT and NXT UK will always have my heart though. Doesn’t get much better.
  6. I honestly didn’t even watch it because I heard how terrible it was. Saw the highlights though. They both almost killed each other at least once.
  7. Not sure how many of my horror buddies here are into games as well, but this was just announced earlier. I’m not huge into “first person” games, but I think I’m gonna have to make an exception here:
  8. Here’s what Headphone Records had to say on Facebook about the price: “Really out of our hands. With remastering, remaking the art for vinyl, and paying royalties before album 1 was sold, we had no choice. Plus shipping from the plant overseas to us, and packaging for shipping vinyl is pricey.” So yeah. Doesn’t make me want to pay the price they are though. Also they said they didn’t get the “digital rights” either so anyone hoping for a download of the remasters will have to wait for a vinyl rip or something.
  9. Mondo would definitely be cool. They haven’t done any Black Mirror soundtracks yet though. So I’m guessing the most likely choice would be Lakeshore, because like other have said already, they’ve already released a few.
  10. For some reason I feel this’ll be incoming from ETR. Seems right up their alley. Plus they’ve already put out another episodes soundtrack (Black Museum).