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  1. I think the controversy with The Hunt mainly had to do with the timing of it coming out. Mass shootings were like... a weekly thing at the time of its original release date. I guess this is honestly the one good thing about being quarantined: not having to worry about shootings for the time being.
  2. Yeah I really enjoyed that. Still incredibly sad after all this time.
  3. Can’t wait to check it out. So glad that show’s back.
  4. Had some free time with the wife this past weekend so we watched: Pet Sematary (2019): This was... not great. I had high hopes because I loved Starry Eyes so I was excited to see how this turned out. I had heard mixed things beforehand but you always get that with horror films but I just really didn’t enjoy this at all. It had a couple moments but overall I’m just gonna pretend like it never happened. Happy Death Day 2U: It was okay. Felt a hell of a lot less like a horror movie compared to the first one (which I thoroughly enjoyed). I just didn’t really see the point I suppose. Villains: Definitely the best of the 3. Just a really good home invasion horror-comedy. Plus Bill Skarsgard and Maika Monroe. Worth checking out for sure if you have Hulu.
  5. Each season had so many good things going on in it. Absolutely ridiculous that it got cancelled but yet we’ll be watching American Horror Story until we’re in our 80’s.
  6. Dude Shudder is so good and their selection is incredible. And if you decide to keep it, it’s cheap as hell. You should binge Channel Zero (assuming your haven’t seen it yet). One of my favorite shows in recent memory and it’s a shame they only did 4 seasons...
  7. I wanna see that real bad but please don’t tell me you payed the $20 they’re charging to see it.
  8. They’re supposed to? Who orders them to do so?
  9. It’s almost as if there are more important things going on right now.
  10. Really though the last thing I need is another super time consuming game that I already don’t have time for lol. Already currently in the middle of both Octopath Traveler and Nier: Automata. Then we got FFVII coming out soon after also. Just not enough time!
  11. Never played but I’m getting it based on all the hype and how good the music is. Also heard it’s a real time consumer as well so it’ll keep us busy for a while.
  12. Wife and I have gotten quite a bit behind on the Into The Dark’s unfortunately... I don’t think we’ve watched one since this past Thanksgiving.