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  1. Still watching NXT, NXT UK, and AEW every week! Gave up on Raw and Smackdown because for one, it's just too much wrestling in a week. And second, they just aren't very good. You really should start watching NXT again man. It's consistently so damn good. And yeah, AEW is still just so great. Really thinking about going when then come to Ohio in a couple weeks.
  2. Man I want to... but as much as I love any and all things Dragon Ball, I’m so sick of playing and seeing the same exact story over and over again. Is this really worth it though?
  3. What’re you talking about? You’re telling me you aren’t creamin’ your jeans over the Brady Bunch movie soundtrack???
  4. Waited for my paycheck to clear before ordering so ended up missing the /300. Grabbed the /500 though. All around really cool colors.
  5. Out March 6th. https://nosleeprecords.com/products/youll-be-fine?variant=31673928646741
  6. Yessir. Waxwork put out the soundtracks to that whole trilogy.
  7. I don’t think so. I thought I remembered it getting delayed but thought they’d be out by now.
  8. Variant is gray w/ red splatter. Only played once since buying it right from the source years ago. $70 shipped in the US. Any questions, just ask. EDIT: SOLD
  9. Got a bottle of Screwball’s peanut butter whiskey for Christmas. Shit is incredible. Tastes just like a peanut butter cup.
  10. I know no one visits this thread anymore but I’d probably throw some of that in a spoiler tag lol. I agree though. They did a hell of a job. Only one major complain but other than that, perfection.