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  1. Nobody's mentioned Burger Records yet?? Y'all dont know shit about tapes... http://www.burgerrecords.org/ BEST LABEL EVER
  2. Brown copy. Send me some tradelists!
  3. holy shit! i'd love to see pics. Any prints you wanna get rid of?
  4. @mattressparty dont really post records, but i guess i will now
  5. >derrickcook1994 he's 17 everything makes sense now
  6. if someone has an extra i'll trade you my straylight run :3
  7. if anyone gets an extra i'll trade you straylight run for it :3
  8. really happy to see this. wish i saw more music like this on VC instead of all the same fucking bands
  9. I really want pink Death From Above 1979, but I'm open to anything for trades
  10. anyone want to trade me one for my straylight run?