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  1. darylgregory

    Kill The Shark Vinyl Full Length

    Maybe you haven't heard yet...
  2. Hoping this comes in the mail soon..
  3. My band "Kill The Shark" just released our debut full length on electric blue vinyl. A lot of time and effort went into making this record. Please give it a listen. The whole album is streaming for FREE on bandcamp -Daryl Http://killtheshark.bandcamp.com
  4. darylgregory

    Kill The Shark NEW SONG/NEW ALBUM!

    And we got two shows coming up in Jan, one in Vancouver, one in Portland. Come out!
  5. darylgregory

    Kill The Shark NEW SONG/NEW ALBUM!

    Hell yeah, add me on Instagram so we can become one and be ultimately connected. Records_for_days.
  6. Not sure why Good Clean Fun stopped playing. But they were awesome!
  7. I will just give you the first of each. CD 1.The Offspring - Smash Vinyl 1. Good Clean Fun / Throwdown split 7" Cassette 1.Lewd Acts - Sing Me Something That I Know
  8. My friends, I am extremely excited to share with you a new song from my band Kill The Shark's upcoming album. We will be pressing this 10 song album on vinyl (our first vinyl release) and I could not be more proud of my bandmates and my hardwork finally paying off with something tangible and worthwhile. Listen to the new song (and our full ep) on our bandcamp page. https://killtheshark.bandcamp.com I would love to hear people's opinions on the new track. -Daryl
  9. Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered one and a sick shirt.
  10. I want to be a part of this. Sincerely darylgregory
  11. We would press this on vinyl if we had the money. Thanks for the kind words though.
  12. How do I use my vinyl download codes on my iPhone? This is driving me crazy and I need help.
  13. darylgregory


    I want to purchase one when you ship the KTS tapes my way.
  14. This happens all the time! I hate this. I want a record to listen to, not to make money off of. My old boss does this. He is the ultimate hipster that has an opinion on every band. And his opinion is right (in that big head of his). He buys records to brag about them and then he flips them. FUCK RECORD FLIPPERS.