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  1. themessenger

    Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    I haven't heard a word from this. So is there any word about when the 2nd wave is expected to ship? I haven't reached out to them but was wondering if anyone else has heard from them about an estimated ETA.
  2. Thanks! Definitely in on Distance to Here. I wonder where else this will be sold and if any other variants.
  3. themessenger

    PO UP: Mae - (m)(a)(e)

    I got my order yesterday. It's a great package, and the handwritten lyrics was a nice touch. It's amazing however they put so much thought into the design and look of everything, and then spend as little money as possible on packaging. Mine came with a few creases on the front from being crushed. One corner is dinged pretty hard, and all three record jackets have 1-2" splits in the sides. I'm usually not too particular, but it's just weird they couldn't charge me an extra buck or two and go with an actual box with maybe some bubble wrap or anything to help protect it. Oh well.
  4. themessenger

    PO UP: Mae - (m)(a)(e)

    Maybe I'm alone in this but if I announce a 1st pressing of 300 on a certain color, I'd probably stick to that. Not increase the 1st press run. Then I'd announce a second press due to massive demand with a much larger run. I just think it's weird when the 2nd pressing is more limited than the 1st pressing, and on a more attractive color scheme.
  5. themessenger

    PO UP: Mae - (m)(a)(e)

    I emailed Mae asking to switch my order to this new variant. Spartan always does this, so I guess this to be expected.
  6. Pretty easy purchase decision for me.
  7. themessenger

    Mae - The Everglow AVAILABLE!!

    I ended up caving and got the Suspension variant. So now I have this and the 1st press. I'm a sucker for the starburst I guess.
  8. themessenger

    Mae - The Everglow AVAILABLE!!

    Thought about getting one of these but none of the variants do much for me. I already have the first pressing and was going to sell it to fund this but I'm rethinking that.
  9. themessenger

    PO UP: Mae - (m)(a)(e)

    Got mine. Looks like a great quality set and definitely a must own for me. Nice to have only a $5 shipping charge as well.
  10. themessenger

    PO UP: Mae - (m)(a)(e)

    I'm definitely in on this!
  11. Nice, thanks for the update. Looking forward to both of these.
  12. Thanks for the heads up on that, crazy cheap price. This record definitely has grown on me.
  13. themessenger

    FS: Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt LP - Red Vinyl Sealed

    Ok that's cool I will do that then.
  14. themessenger

    FS: Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt LP - Red Vinyl Sealed

    My fault guys, I thought that was about the going rate. Last I looked on ebay they were going for easily over $200. Lowering it to $175. I'll take pics and put them up this weekend.
  15. themessenger

    FS: Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt LP - Red Vinyl Sealed

    Just got lucky! Ordered a copy from the fan club and that's what I recieved. I'm not sure how many are out there but everyone I knew got a black copy. I ended up picking up a black one to listen to.