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  1. I despise streaming services. I use Apollo, but they don't have many releases that aren't FLAC so I now find myself buying albums on Bandcamp. I don't mind paying $5 for an album, but like those above, I don't ever pay $10. When my band drops our album, I justify my cheapness by telling myself it'll be free on bandcamp.. If the album is free on spotify and apple music, why should you have to pay to DL it? Not really making many points here, but if all good trackers went down, I'd likely just purchase music on bandcamp and use Youtube a little bit more for albums and songs I don't have in my library. I go to shows and buy merch (not much vinyl anymore ) still.
  2. hi everyone! For the past few months I've been working on a website / blog where I can talk about albums and songs that make me feel things. I've always wanted a place where I could write about music that wasn't directly to social media, so I decided to build my own site. I'm looking for others to help write for the site! You can write about any album or song, tell personal stories about how the music has made you feel, or explain why it means a lot to you, whatever really. My only rules are no negativity and no reviews. In other words, no "this album sucks" (just don't write about it...) and no "i give this album 9/10 stars". I have a URL I can share, it's built on Wordpress and I can share it and more info via PM if you're interested. I am very serious about this, so if you're interested please let me know! thanks! Jacob
  3. a not typical song by a not typical band. I mostly listen to sad music and have some overlaps with you, but this band will forever be my pump up, change the pace band.
  4. I'm gonna be packing up band equipment // driving while doing this so I might be AD near the end.
  5. makes no difference to me! Did we agree on a draft time?
  6. my keepers: Tarasenko Marchessault Fleury Mackinnon
  7. I could probs make 12:00 work, but no later than that. I'd prefer like 11:00 but I think everyone would hate any earlier than that.
  8. I'm playing a gig at ~3pm EST on the 30th unfortunately.
  9. can someone please find me the evanescence animated video (of i think bring me to life) from some old video game or tv show. I just remember it was weird and animated and lyrical. I wanted to post it but after 2 hours I can't find it.
  10. To keep it simple, I think that the standings should be based on the regular season finish. Obviously what I did was drastic (sorry guys) but I could have easily just played a "few people" each day and probably still lost the match up overall. I'm cool with a punishment (aka 5th, my team is good now), but without a reason to play competitively after losing a playoff game, what's the point? Also are we doing a bracket challenge? I know a few who might be interested.
  11. I studied for 3 month there but I don't remember much anymore. I mean, I loved it. The gardens of luxembourg are beautiful, the baguettes for .9 euro are amazing, ficelle de olive (olive bread) is also REALLY good. I went to a small falafel shop in the marais? (the jewish area) that was awesome too. I only really remember the food lol. there is SO much site seeing to do that it's impossible to see everything, so I definitely recommend picking out ahead of time and trying to map a plan. If i remember anything i'll let you know!