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  1. Team Avatar

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    can someone please find me the evanescence animated video (of i think bring me to life) from some old video game or tv show. I just remember it was weird and animated and lyrical. I wanted to post it but after 2 hours I can't find it.
  2. Team Avatar

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    do you all care if i invite friends?
  3. Team Avatar

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    To keep it simple, I think that the standings should be based on the regular season finish. Obviously what I did was drastic (sorry guys) but I could have easily just played a "few people" each day and probably still lost the match up overall. I'm cool with a punishment (aka 5th, my team is good now), but without a reason to play competitively after losing a playoff game, what's the point? Also are we doing a bracket challenge? I know a few who might be interested.
  4. I studied for 3 month there but I don't remember much anymore. I mean, I loved it. The gardens of luxembourg are beautiful, the baguettes for .9 euro are amazing, ficelle de olive (olive bread) is also REALLY good. I went to a small falafel shop in the marais? (the jewish area) that was awesome too. I only really remember the food lol. there is SO much site seeing to do that it's impossible to see everything, so I definitely recommend picking out ahead of time and trying to map a plan. If i remember anything i'll let you know!
  5. Team Avatar

    Official Fantasy Football Advice

    greg olsen or charles clay
  6. Team Avatar

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    congrats dude! sucks u missed the draft but you got a lot of players i wanted
  7. Team Avatar

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Good for draft time. I hope everyone is!
  8. Team Avatar

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    I can do 9/26 at 8pm. sorry i need to do my keepers, ill try to do this upcoming week!
  9. I have the regular pressing of the two towers print by aaron horkey. I'm looking for $170 + shipping!
  10. Team Avatar

    Game Of Thrones: Season Seven

    Maybe they will head to kings landing first!
  11. Team Avatar

    WTB: Phish Tickets - Colorado

    My brother flew to Colorado and doesn't have any tickets to see Phish and that's the only reason he went. I'm tryna be the best twin and help him find tickets - at the very least, one 3 day pass. I know he's also looking for his friends, but I mostly only care about him. If you can help, please let me know. I will be forever grateful, and will of course pay well. He doesn't want to pay the scalped prices for the obvious reason, so he's looking for ~face value. The show in question is @ Dicks Sporting Goods, Commerce City CO from 9/1 to 9/3. Thanks so v much in advance
  12. Team Avatar

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    this is a good point! I'm cool w 3rd!
  13. Team Avatar

    this site is slow as shit

    for real. I don't want to say its why I never come here anymore, but it's definitely a big part. I like old VC and miss it
  14. Team Avatar

    VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Nope! We reckon that the 1st place regular season is a good accomplishment and if there are 6 people in the playoffs it's fair to believe they don't end up winning it all.