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  1. Lots of them ending today and tomorrow. Im also putting up a handful of last minute ones today for a 1 day sale to end tomorrow, so get in quick cause they will go cheap. Lots of these are at steals....30 or 40 bucks for a box of 150 records!
  2. so much stuff to ship out and get out of here! help me do it! the first of the boxes are ending tonight, then consistently through the weekend. Then thats the official end of vinyl junkie.
  3. nope. all the vinyl junkie shirts are all gone, and we dont have the ability to make more at this point cause weve given away everything. If i come across one when moving ill let you know, but dont hold your breath.
  4. well for one, this is Texas, so its 82 degrees out today. Not much need for layering. Im sitting in boxers and a t-shirt with all my windows open and im sweating. Secondly, ive donated a ton of stuff lately, as im moving out of the country to volunteer in a central american country, so most all of my furniture, and clothing, etc. has been donated to people in need here. I have given bags and bags of stuff. Band shirts however, i figured can go to someone who will appreciate them for what they are, and not just a general T-shirt. Plus donation places may not like getting a shirt with a naked punk devil standing on piles of skulls or designs like that. especially if they are christian oriented donation places, which most are.
  5. Here are a ton of shirts that i dont have the time to try to sell individually or anything anymore. Im not going to take pictures of them, or answer a lot of questions of what designs, etc. A lot of these shirts are brand new. The used ones are in good shape. You just gotta pay for postage. Im gonna post this on a couple of boards. Then ill check back tonight Post in this thread if you want it. If you want it more than someone else, bid a couple dollars over the postage cost. Ill sell it for $0 + postage, or ill sell it to whoever wants to give me the most money. The postage is listed under the shirts. There are 4 boxes. YL/S, M, L, XL/2XL resell them. get a whole new shirt wardrobe. whatever you want. Must pay through paypal, and pay as a gift, and must be able to pay within 24 hours Take all or none. i dont have time to work out individual sales, sorry. SMALL / YOUTH LARGE SHIRTS $23 for parcel post $45 for priority Reach The Sky Earhart Look What I Did Outbreak Therapy Bayou City Body Shop LA Truth Is Dashboard Confessional The Promise The Spill Canvas Thumbscrew Animosity Led Zeppelin Gilead Media Shai Hulud Back To Back Ion Dissonance Driver F Year One Figure Four Easycore Ensign Red Hot Chili Peppers Square Of Opposition Cassius Bottom Line Last From Autumn To Ashes Arma Secreta WIBIH A Loss For Words Jes Kramer Have HEart Through Thick and Thin Bane Contender Modern Life Is War The Beatles Therapy Killing for the Kause Catheter Kelly Clarkson In The Red Fairweather R'N'R Thieves Vision Good Clean Fun Rage Against THe Machine Unsane a few other music related shirts. MEDIUM $32 PRIORITY $18 PARCEL POST What Happens Next Beat Beat BEat Fight Pretty Delta Block Recover Look Back and Laugh Thieves Dropdead The Skullening Rambo Ultimate Fakebook The Wockets ThatwasthenIron Maiden Adam And The Ancient Gods Shogun Dead By Morning Boyfriends Dead TO Fall Therapy Killing for the Kause Spastic Fit Tor Johnson Records Earhart Secret Tattoo LARGE $29 PRIORITY $16 PARCEL POST Woozy Helmet Catheter Six One Three One Hell Krusher Adumus Fight PRetty Strike ANywhere a different Fight Pretty Movement Three Kataklysm Second Chance some metal band hoodie, i cant read the lettering The Jam D/C Motorhead Gonkulator a shirt with vinyl records on it another Gonkulator Guilt Party XL / 2XL $29 PRIORITY $16 PARCEL POST Toby Grear / Deathwish Braced For Natus Fight Pretty Saviours Don Martin Three Full Contact another Saviours Grave Robbers Dropdead Twopointeight E.T.A. Kill The Client Rambo Threatener Must Play Fast Records Iron Lung another Rambo another Dropdead
  6. there are like 3000 records up there in boxes of 100-150! i dont think any of them are much, if any, over .50 cents a piece at this point. So some really good deals to be had
  7. ive never once bought an mp3. last time i bought a CD was probably......8 years ago maybe.
  8. http://www.ebay.com/sch/vinyljunkiedistro/m.html?_dmd=1&_ipg=100&_sop=12&_rdc=1 Im selling the remainder of the vinyl junkie stock on ebay by the boxload. I no longer have the time to sell them individually like i have been doing. All starting at 0.99. No reserve or minimum for any of it. So if a box sells for 0.99.......great, you got a cheap deal. Between 100-150 records per box in most cases. LPs, 10"s, and 7"s. literaly pennies a piece. Ive got about 20 boxes listed so far, another 50 boxes or so to come in the next couple days. Cheaply boost your collection. Get a box for trade fodder. buy some for your store. start your own distro. make them into art. do whatever you wanna do. Just get them out of my house. thanks!
  9. yeah the physical store closed a few months ago, and ive been selling stuff off out of my house. Now most of the stuff is gone, and in a week or two i will have absolutely nothing. then i can move out of the country.
  10. it sure is. ebay stuff isnt run out of here. So more than likely it was in a stack of stuff that was transferred to the ebay stuff, and just was never taken off the site apparently. So i cant ship it out of my house, where all the distro stuff ships out, because i dont have it anymore.
  11. yup. the sale went for weeks, and most of the stuff sat for longer. Now the site is gone for good. I hit my limit of orders that i can possibly handle . You can buy the rest in big chunks on ebay at http://www.ebay.com/sch/vinyljunkiedistro/m.html?_dmd=1&_ipg=100&_sop=12&_rdc=1
  12. Here is todays packages that went out. The 50% sale went great and we sold like 8000 records in a couple days. we are still trying to catch up on that. then this 75% sale has sold more records than the original sale........i think im in over my head. hope people are patient!
  13. i check my ebay messages about 20 times a day and respond right away.
  14. www.vinyljunkiedistro.com/mailorder DO NOT ORDER IF YOU EXPECT IT TO BE SHIPPED IN 2 DAYS. IT WILL TAKE AT LEAST A WEEK TO GET TO YOUR ORDER. We are still behind from when i started clearancing stuff off at 50%. so we are already a week behind. Im sure we will even get farther behind if people take advantage of this sale. So please be patient. There are some seriously great deals to be had here though. www.vinyljunkiedistro.com/mailorder