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  1. amnstypls

    I'm moving to Colorado!

    Nope. I have actually switched companies once during my time in Colorado and now moving to a new one for Florida. Very common in my industry.
  2. amnstypls

    I'm moving to Colorado!

    Planning on it.
  3. amnstypls

    I'm moving to Colorado!

    A little less than 3 years later, and I'm moving to Florida. Any Floridians whose brains I can pick? I will be in Orlando.
  4. amnstypls

    Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    Will trade a VF for an Applebee's.
  5. amnstypls

    The Beer Thread

    Anyone had Stone's Midnight Bastard's Brunch? That's quite an interesting beer.
  6. amnstypls

    Psycho Las Vegas

    I will be staying at the Flamingo since that is where my buddy is staying. We'll definitely have to meet.
  7. amnstypls

    Psycho Las Vegas

    I will be there.
  8. Bullhead and Stag are where it's at.
  9. amnstypls

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    It's hilarious how uneducated you are on this. Have you ever pressed a record? Comparing a new release to a DW reissue is hardly apples to apples. You are discounting several costs. Mastering costs money. Art costs money. Recording the album costs money. Promo costs money. Converge has the unique opportunity to master the albums themselves, release it on a label owned by the vocalist, have it mastered by the guitarist, and record everything themselves. I'm not disagreeing that $30 is a high price tag, but to simply say "Converge can put out a 2LP for $18, so everyone can" is just.... Well, ignorant. I always find it hilarious when people look at a pricing matrix and think to themselves - "OH IT ONLY COSTS $10 TO PUT OUT A RECORD - WE'RE ALL BEING RIPPED OFF" without taking into account all of the costs that made placing the order even possible. Carry on.
  10. amnstypls


    Uh..... They are EXTREMELY expensive to make.
  11. Tre - if no friends press in my package, I offer the same deal as the BBC 7"; $100 donation to the MSPCA for a clear.
  12. amnstypls

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    http://www.grimtalerecords.com/collections/currently-on-sale Goya 7" up.