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  1. Sealed Medium grey shirt 120$USD PP offers accepted
  2. zeekanchors

    WTB bad bad hats - psychic reader - First press

    got one. DELETE PLEASE
  3. totally blanked on the release and missed out on the first press sale. Let me know!
  4. hit me if you're willing to part with it.
  5. zeekanchors

    WTB! The Loved Ones S/T 10th Anniversary! PLEASE HELP!

    I'd like to say I could help since I had friends at H4H when these went on sale, but I can't.
  6. zeekanchors

    Got it!

    message me. I may have found one for you.
  7. Printed Matter Set #1/ Fall 2012 /66 CDR Record release cover first 7" /50 Hit me up
  8. zeekanchors

    Got it!

    no deal.
  9. zeekanchors

    Got it!

    dude you're dreaming.... If you want to buy some Souls test presses and want to pony up some dough, I'm willing to listen.
  10. Handguns - Anywhere but Home - Single sided LP - Black/25 - 50$ Edmonton - Walk it off - purple/blue/black "Super splatter"/30 - ??? offers Open to offers on both. Shipping from Canada, willing to ship from the US if you're willing to wait until I have to go pick something up from my P.O. box.
  11. zeekanchors

    Got it!

    I don't know if there are any left... Unfortunately no. I wish