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  1. What’s the deal with Dark Descent and Me Saco not releasing pressing information?!? Looking for info on all faceless burial releases
  2. Sealed Medium grey shirt 120$USD PP offers accepted
  3. totally blanked on the release and missed out on the first press sale. Let me know!
  4. I'd like to say I could help since I had friends at H4H when these went on sale, but I can't.
  5. message me. I may have found one for you.
  6. Printed Matter Set #1/ Fall 2012 /66 CDR Record release cover first 7" /50 Hit me up
  7. dude you're dreaming.... If you want to buy some Souls test presses and want to pony up some dough, I'm willing to listen.
  8. Handguns - Anywhere but Home - Single sided LP - Black/25 - 50$ Edmonton - Walk it off - purple/blue/black "Super splatter"/30 - ??? offers Open to offers on both. Shipping from Canada, willing to ship from the US if you're willing to wait until I have to go pick something up from my P.O. box.