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Found 5 results

  1. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FEST? My buddy and I have been talking about going since we were 18. 24 now, 6 years in the making, and we're finally going. Couldn't be more pumped for it. Who else is going? Which bands/labels are doing exclusive FEST variants or releases? Who are you excited to see?
  2. one of my goals in life has always been to get to all 50 states. i'm 5 away from accomplishing that goal, and by the end of this year, i'm going to do it. the five i'm currently missing are Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Oregon, and Hawaii. since 3 of the 5 that i'm missing are all right next to each other, i wanted to plan a road trip where i hit all three. and, since i've never been to Fest in Gainesville before, i figured i'd time it up with that and do it all in one shot since i'll be relatively close going to Alabama. it also happens that the 30th anniversary celebration of The Lost Cross House (possibly the oldest/longest running punk house in America) is happening in Carbondale, IL the week before, so the timing for all of this is working out pretty neatly for me. here's my tentative route: Chicago, IL Carbondale, IL Memphis, TN Jackson, MS New Orleans, LA Gainesville, FL Muscle Shoals, AL Louisville, KY Chicago, IL i'm not 100% married to going to Jackson, Mississippi. it was just a big city in the state and along the route from Carbondale to New Orleans. i AM, however, 100% open to suggestions if there are cool places to go/cool things to see and do. i'm super into history and sports, and not as much into partying and dance clubs, to give you an idea of the types of suggestions i'd be most receptive to hearing. obviously, i'm into music, too, but i'd rather see the sights/places i can't experience anywhere else than go to a show, especially considering i'll be bookending my trip with two different fests. if you live in any of these areas and want to meet up with me or house me for a night while i'm around, that would be dope. we're looking at the last 10 days of october into the first couple days of November as far as timing goes. any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  3. so I'm working on completing my radon collection and I still need the 28 LP on black vinyl. Anyone have on they wanna make some money on? I'm willing to pay cash or promise you my first born son! (also i have a vasectomy so you might have to be patient for the baby option) but really help a brother out! Looking at you var! I know you have 5 of them in mint condition in a box somewhere
  4. RADON "Audio Illusions" 3xCD bundle - only $10.00! I know, this is for CDs, but... maybe if everyone bought these as holiday gifts we'd get around to re-pressing it all on vinyl, haha! www.noidearecords.com
  5. GRABASS CHARLESTONS "Dale & The Careeners" ... hear the first song off the new record!! http://www.leadusdow...tons-new-album/ STREAM the WHOLE THING: http://www.razorcake...no-idea-records READ BELOW for info on the DIFFERENT KITCHEN clear vinyl exclusive color! GOLD vinyl: http://www.noidearecords.com