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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, science guys! This thread started out devoted to the new Cosmos TV series airing on Fox, (hence the discussion on pages 1&2.) but it was time for a broader discussion. Post any new revelations in the scientific community, mind-blowing space pictures, maybe ask some Q's if you're the inquisitive type, and anything else related to science. Have at it.
  2. SyFy has made a TV adaptation of the The Expanse books. The 1st season shoud entail the 1st book, Leviathan Wakes. Episode 1 is now up, with the full series starting December 14th. I am not sure if i dig the young Holden and i doubt Avasarala will be allowed to swear up a storm, but hopefully this will be good. Probably not Battlestar good, but good enough. http://www.syfy.com/theexpanse
  3. For all 3 of you who might be interested, the one man band has expanded to a full lineup and Aloud Music from Barcelona, Spain is pressing 100 vinyl on Solid Blue, Black and Clear mixed. They are a small, but very friendly label, and I have had great interactions with them in the past. I'm rolling the dice on this having loved Polaris and Eleven Miles and good chunks of his other releases as well. There are bundles to reduce cost if you like you what you hear/ check out. There are some other things in the shop like Toundra and Astralia represses that may interest you and defray some shipping cost. They priced this one a bit more than usual, but I'm all about helping these folks out. If you live in Spain, shipping is free, 10 Euro minimum. http://aloudmusic.com/tienda_leer_e.php/2670/exxasens/back-to-earth-vinyl-solid-blue-black-clear-mixed- EXXASENS / BACK TO EARTH VINYL (SOLID BLUE, BLACK & CLEAR MIXED) Exxasens Back to Earth VINYL (Solid BLUE, BLACK & CLEAR Mixed) Aloud Music VINYL 15 Euros ORDERS BY PAYPAL / PEDIDOS CON TARJETA DE CREDITO / PAYPAL You just need a credit card or a paypal account. ATTENTION! If you don´t have a paypal account, YOU DON´T HAVE TO REGISTER ANYWHERE. Just with your credit card you can but the record without any difficult process. If you wanna buy this item to pay it throught Paypal or Credit Card, just add it to your shopping cart: If you buy FROM EUROPE (+ 2 euros per record, + 5 euros per vinyl or t-shirt): Please, write here your comments: If you buy FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD (+ 4 euros for record, + 8 euros for vinyl or t-shirt): Please, write here your comments: If you wanna buy from Spain, please use our spanish site. Si quieres comprar desde España, por favor usa nuestra web en castellano. CHECKOUT / COMPLETA TU COMPRA Are you finished and ready to checkout? Click here to complete the process. Please, don´t forget to read our FAQ with information about how to buy in Aloud Music. SPECIAL REQUESTS / AÑADIR MENSAJES Put the size of your t-shirts, records you choose in a pack, some comments to us, ... There´s a space in Paypal to make this, called "Instructions to the seller". If not, you can write us atpedidos @ aloudmusic . com INFORMATION / INFORMACIÓN Limited edition: 100 copies Colour: Solid BLUE, BLACK & CLEAR Mixed Shipments: 10th sept (to be confirmed) EXXASENS comes back to Earth after a eight-year space travel and 4 DiY albums, including the acclaimed ELEVEN MILES(Aloud Music LTD 2011) and SATELLITES (Aloud Music LTD 2013) and one compilation (2007-2014, Ricco Label, Japan). In this period, EXXASENS has evolved from a one-man solo project (Jordi Ruiz) to a fully-fledged band. Jordi Ruiz (guitars/programming), Sergio Ledesma(synths/keys), Cesc Cespedes (bass) and Oriol Planells (drums) have recorded the last EXXASENS´ album at Siete Barbas Studios (Barcelona). Containing 8 inspiring songs, BACK TO EARTH offers the band´s renewed vision of instrumental music which introduces choirs, stratospheric guitar solos, electronic groove and even a sung song. The first album single “My hands are planets” is now released with a new video which is the sequel of the remarkable "Rocket to the sky" from the previous album (currently with more than 50.000 visits online). TRACKLIST 001. Supernova 002. My Hands are Planets 003. Hugeness 004. Oniria´s Interlude 005. Your Dreams are my Dreams 006. Bright Side of the Moon 007. Saturn 008. Back to Earth LISTEN TO THE BAND / ESCUCHA SU MÚSICA OUR STORE / NUESTRA TIENDA * Minimum order is 10 euros. If your order doesn´t come to this minimum, we have to charge 5 euros. * If you live in Spain, there´s a big offer: we doesn´t charge any shipment cost. We can´t do it if you live in another country, we´re sorry. * If you live in Europe / Rest of the world, please use the buttons correctly. The first button is for europeans (2 euros for CD, 5 euros for vinyl/tshirt/pack), the second one is for people in the rest of the world (5 euros for CD, 10 euros for vinyl/tshirt/pack). Spanish Postal Service is extremely expensive, sorry. * To know more about shipment costs, please click here. * The only way to make a payment is Paypal / Credit Card. Easy and fast. More than 98% of our customers use this method. More than 2000 people bought anytime in Aloud, we never had a problem. Feel sure buying in our store. * If you have any question, please write an email to pedidos @ aloudmusic . com or reed our FAQ.
  4. I didn't think to post this when the pre-orders went up but the 2 color variants of the lp which were limited to 200 each sold out pretty quickly. But if anyone is interested, the first color they had listed is now back up at Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records Milky clear & bronze haze with a poster is $22. I can't imagine they have many left. There is also a black vinyl version for $16 & $20 w/ a poster. Order here.
  5. I know this is rare but I'll give it a shot!! Let me know!