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  1. It's posts like this that remind me I need to visit VC more frequently. Thank you.
  2. I was in a band that never went any where but the highlight was Justin from Iron Monkey, while on tour with The Varukers in the US, came out to see us play on one of his nights off. I will cherish that memory forever. lol
  3. Sorry if this has been posted/discussed elsewhere but um on my phone which sucks. Anyway, new LP tri color with patch limited to 100. $24.99 https://store.relapse.com/item/52947
  4. Yeah. There was some pretty funny comments here about how much this guy sucks in the past. I think he's mellowed out a bit since his records stopped selling as much though. Like a lot of labels that have decent success right out of the gate they get cocky and sign a bunch of crap bands. Sitting on a shit ton of inventory that won't move tends to humble people a bit. The popularity of Monolord allowed him to go back to his true form with this release though. Remember when he was going to write the names of the people who purchased the test presses for Vaenir on the records to det
  5. All the songs not including in the original LP except for Breathe were cover songs that Warner probably didn't want to have to pay to include. I don't think they are very good either. I don't know why Breathe wasn't including on the LP originally but it was on the VHS version of the concert.
  6. The implication was that millennials were responsible for vinyl's resurgence not Urban Outfitters. Regardless, UO has probably been selling records longer than 50% of the people on this board have been collecting them.
  7. Seems to me UO is the perfect place to sell records in today's market. Who exactly do you think is responsible for the vinyl resurgence and aren't you a millennial?
  8. I can reelate to the OP. I has rowes of books on my living room too look smart and i can bearly reed.
  9. I don't like this song at all but really liked Further Out and the Infinity EP and have always thought these guys were underrated.
  10. Have you seen Boyd Rice's Ragnarok Rune 12"? It's like 90% etching and 3 locked grooves. People should do that more on etched records instead of just having a etching you'll never look at. Then they could look cool while spinning and be functional as well.
  11. The thought of you being excited to spin this etching side up made me lol
  12. Off topic but Rupert Sanders, the Ghost In The Shell director, did a short based on Charles Burns' Black Hole comic which I hope will someday be turned into a feature length. If you're into Cronenberg, Lynch, etc. it's probably worth a watch.

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