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Found 7 results

  1. We may be quite a ways out from a preorder, but All The Anime (same guys who are putting out the original FLCL soundtrack), just announced they’ll be releasing this sometime starting next year. I’ll update this as more info comes out.
  2. Conceptually, the album was written with the idea to create a soundtrack that could have been used in an 80's anime space opera; inspired by cartoons, video games, and movies, it has a wide array of influences to create an audible escape into a multi-layered musical world. In said world, you will find some of the best electric guitar work to ever grace the synth scene. This album definitely shreds, and in more ways than one! Will be limited to approx 100 copies worldwide. Wolf and Raven - 'Ace of Space' 2LP
  3. Would anyone be willing to part with a copy of this for a decent price. I'm also willing to trade. Here's a link to my collection: https://www.discogs.com/user/JoeBob/collection I know it's a long shot but I've been dying for a copy of this for ages. Thanks much!
  4. I'm in a fuckton of debt, buy shit /Here's a bunch of albums I can't afford right now but want. If you want to trade, let's trade, I can possibly toss in some cash or buy if it's cheap enough depending These are some that I'm looking for: Swans- The Glowing Man Sleep-Dopesmoker (Pref green but will take any pressing) Rites of Spring- S/T Tom Waits- Swordfishtrombones Heatmiser- Mic City Sons Daniel Johnston- Speeding Motorcycle Daniel Johnston- 1990 Dalek- Asphalt for Eden Tim Hecker- Love Streams 2814 stuff Orm/Antwon/Lil Ugly Mane Stuff Honestly a bunch of shit, send me your list and I'll take a look! https://deadformat.net/collection/GrantMorrison Only things highlighted are up for grabs Honestly, I am more than likely not getting rid of anything else but you can shoot an offer over and I'll consider it
  5. Greetings and salutations VC I run a Japan-to-Chicago Etsy shop that primarily moves kaiju action figures, kinkeshi (MUSCLE Men) and small figures from various franchises: Pokemon, Masked Rider, Anpanman etc. So why am I here bothering you? I also see a lot of mid-to-late 70s and early 80s anime & tokusatsu soundtracks on vinyl. Today I put 20 albums up in the shop and now I am cruising around looking for people who are looking for records. The tip of the iceberg includes: Ultraman and variations Space Pirate Captain Harlock Galaxy Express 999 Dougram GoShogun Space Runway Ideon Space Battleship Yamato Sherlock Hound Urusei Yatsura Blue Sonnet And more. Most of the records are $10 or $15, some of the double and triple LP sets are more. Everything in VG+ condition. We do toys mostly so rating the condition of vinyl is not a huge strength for us, but my job before this one included buying records and other media from the public, so when I say VG, rest assured that I am more or less on point. I am getting this stuff straight from Japan so finding it elsewhere in the US? Don't think so, at least not for my prices. For the uninitiated, the late 70s "TV Manga" sound is, to my ear, comparable to Galt MacDermot. String arrangements and typical soundtrack fare mashed up with sexy funk drums and an upscale rock band feel. Think of MacDermot's score for Rhinoceros. So the shop is etsy.com/shop/hollywoodmirror if you are curious please stop by and browse around. I believe that I will be able to get more soundtracks in the future, but I have no idea what ones and highly doubt there will be much in the way of repeats, so if you are interested in trying out some anime soundtrack vinyl and don't want to drop $50 on it on bleep.com (I literally got the very last copy of the 2LP Akira release from them, and while I kind of apologize, someone had to do it) I would advise coming to me and not sleeping on what you want because lord knows when I will see it again. Thanks y'all
  6. The BABY GHOSTS - Maybe Ghosts LP is finally upon us. Tests are approved, artwork is in hand and the vinyl is in production. So, pre-orders are going up now and expected to ship by mid-August. Those who pre-order during the first week will not only get first dibs on color vinyl, but will also be entered in a contest to win cool stuff from the band (test presses, posters, Japanese CDs, patches, etc). Here's a photo of the cover: You can pre-order the LP here: http://hipkidrecords.storenvy.com You can stream the record on Punknews here: http://www.punknews.org/article/55415/streams-baby-ghosts-maybe-ghosts You can buy it digitally here: http://hipkidrecords.bandcamp.com This is a split release with Lost Cat, Dirt Cult, Drunken Sailor, and Waterslide, so it's also available from any of them!
  7. looking for cool japanese stuff, anime soundtracks, jap pressings, obscure shit, whatever. nothing specific at all. just give me aznvinyl. also cassettes are cool.