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  1. Psychostick is putting their first album out on vinyl as a 2xLP. It's the one that has the "BEER!!!" song on it, such a classic! I think they said if this does well they will eventually put ALL their albums out on vinyl....schwing! https://qrates.com/projects/16139
  2. deadwax666

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Well, there are about 6 days left on it and 12 more needed. Going to be a close one! https://qrates.com/projects/15664
  3. deadwax666

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    This went up last week and are going pretty quick...limited to about 100 copies ISIDOR - 3218
  4. '3218' by Serbian synth artist Isidor is finally coming to vinyl. For those not familiar, this album is a true synth gem and was picked as Iron Skullet's #1 synthwave album of 2017. https://qrates.com/projects/15664-3218
  5. deadwax666

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Witness overheard saying "he Carpenter Brut-ally stabbed that guy!"
  6. Here's the post from Chris Volz verifying its legitimacy....just in case there was still any doubt that it was "official'
  7. This is as official as it will get for this title. It's being released under license from Noble Steed Music, they own the masters and control the publishing. Noble Steed acquired the rights after Rock Ridge dissolved, certainly isn't being done without permission from the rights holders.
  8. Just a heads up that 'Venting' by Five Bolt Main is finally getting the vinyl treatment! It's in "funding" mode right now and at least 100 need to be reserved for it to get pressed, but for a title like this I doubt that's going to be a problem. It just went up a couple days ago. Available here
  9. Conceptually, the album was written with the idea to create a soundtrack that could have been used in an 80's anime space opera; inspired by cartoons, video games, and movies, it has a wide array of influences to create an audible escape into a multi-layered musical world. In said world, you will find some of the best electric guitar work to ever grace the synth scene. This album definitely shreds, and in more ways than one! Will be limited to approx 100 copies worldwide. Wolf and Raven - 'Ace of Space' 2LP
  10. deadwax666

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Anyone know if that Durand Jones 7" will be sold by itself? I wanted to get the bundle, but because of the contents they can't ship media mail so with the shipping it's a bit high to justify. I have the original pressing...I just want that 7" and not have to pay $35 for it haha On another note...these just landed the other day. Limited to 100 copies and there are a limited amount left, along with some test pressings. Free shipping to USA using code BROCKFAN
  11. deadwax666

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Wolf and Raven - Ace of Space 2LP vinyl https://qrates.com/artists/SofaKingVinyl/items/15123
  12. This went live about a week ago. If you like electronic fueled funky grooves, then this is for you. Artwork by Mizucat...bonus! Cut at 45rpm and mastered for vinyl from the original 24-bit mixes. Pressing will be limited to the amount of orders received. https://qrates.com/artists/SofaKingVinyl/items/14887
  13. deadwax666

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    The 'Girls On Bikes' vinyl EP from Opus Science Collective (OSC) went live the other day on Qrates and it's over half-way toward the pressing goal of 100 already. It will be a 45rpm pressing mastered from the original 24-bit mixes. If you don't know about this EP, it is amazing. It also has artwork by Mizucat! A mixture of synthwave, electro-funk, and chiptune. There are tracks to listen to here. https://qrates.com/artists/SofaKingVinyl/items/14887
  14. Another album from 20SIX Hundred is making its way to vinyl and will be limited to approx. 100 copies (71 already gone as of this posting). Mastered for vinyl from original 24-bit mixes and exclusive album art. Shipping to most countries is $6 or less! https://qrates.com/artists/SofaKingVinyl/items/14817
  15. That wording about the hypothetical minutes of grooves was taken from a different website called "Classic45s", but I totally get what you are saying. The person who originally wrote that probably exaggerated but it's just thrown in there to make a point about 45RPM cuts having better sound (which I think we can all agree is true). The wording about most audiophile pressings selling for $40 is probably generally true, but granted it probably wasn't necessary to put that on there. The people who want this record will buy it because they want it, not because it's a "good deal". There was probably just a lot of excitement to get the campaign up that there was too much focus on trying to "sell" it, if you know what I mean.