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  1. Not sure how many of you were aware of this, but 'Girls On Bikes' by OSC is now available on purple vinyl via Sofa King Vinyl and Amazon (Prime eligible, cheap international shipping). Cut at 45rpm and limited to 300 copies. For those not familiar with OSC, this EP is a standout release from the artist and seriously demanded vinyl and cassette releases. First pressing of the vinyl (black) sold out and both runs of the cassettes sold out fast. This one is a real banger and the vinyl mastering is sublime.
  2. Found another 45 gem! This is a Northern Soul stomper by Seattle based F2D (Funky 2 Death) and released by We Coast Records. Just happened to stumble upon it. The side-A cut is worth the $8 on its own, the B-side is pretty funky too. https://funky2death.bandcamp.com/album/come-on-funky-45th-st
  3. Just stumbled across this. Former Epitome Of Sound vocalist Eugene Thomas (Northern Soul legend) is making music again. They did a PledgeMusic thing for a 45 which is now over but it looks like copies of it are available via his Bandcamp (not sure how many were pressed). It's a bit priced for a 45 at $13 plus shipping but it sounds so good I just had to get it. Figured I'd pass it on... https://eugenethomas.bandcamp.com/album/eugene-thomas-im-through-with-you-lovely-lady
  4. There is a Rough Trade exclusive purple variant and the " first few orders include a limited Durand Jones 45 adaptor" - pressing count unknown https://www.roughtrade.com/us/music/durand-jones-and-the-indications-american-love-call#variant_238381
  5. Since I liked that J.P. Bimeni so much I explored other titles released by that label (based in Spain, it seems) and came across a release by David Hooper & The Silverbacks called "It's My Turn" - also great stuff! It came out in 2015 but copies are still available via some retailers.
  6. OMG! I just happened to check my emails and saw this recommendation. Having purchased both variants of the new Durand Jones LP it was natural for me to check out J.P. and holy smokes I love this! Just ordered a copy of the LP, never heard of him before so thank you so much!
  7. There are some leftover copies right now on the label website along with test pressings. If you don't mind one with a damaged jacket you can get it for only 20 bucks (not damaged is 30).
  8. Psychostick is putting their first album out on vinyl as a 2xLP. It's the one that has the "BEER!!!" song on it, such a classic! I think they said if this does well they will eventually put ALL their albums out on vinyl....schwing! https://qrates.com/projects/16139
  9. Well, there are about 6 days left on it and 12 more needed. Going to be a close one! https://qrates.com/projects/15664
  10. This went up last week and are going pretty quick...limited to about 100 copies ISIDOR - 3218
  11. '3218' by Serbian synth artist Isidor is finally coming to vinyl. For those not familiar, this album is a true synth gem and was picked as Iron Skullet's #1 synthwave album of 2017. https://qrates.com/projects/15664-3218
  12. Witness overheard saying "he Carpenter Brut-ally stabbed that guy!"
  13. Here's the post from Chris Volz verifying its legitimacy....just in case there was still any doubt that it was "official'