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  1. I’m having the same dilemma. If someone with a membership would be willing to pick me up a VMP variant I’d greatly appreciate it.
  2. If someone could PM me information on how to go about getting into that closed Facebook group it would be sincerely appreciated. I’m bummed that I’ve missed out on all the Totakuribo releases up to this point. I figure it’s worth a shot. Thanks much in advance!
  3. This is currently Pop Markets Deal of the Day and the Tiger’s Eye variant is $33.99 with free shipping. Pretty good deal if you haven’t preordered yet. http://promo.emails.popmarket.com/t?r=4690&c=7295&l=6118&ctl=6AB9A:3647E1D249BC6C0400B982429897AF114DCF65C904DBAF91&
  4. Has anyone got their Amazon order in for this yet? I'm curious about what variant is is.
  5. I wanted to throw my name out there for a tour press as well if anyone would be so kind. I would throw in a little extra for anyone willing to pick it up.
  6. Would anyone be willing to part with a copy of this for a decent price. I'm also willing to trade. Here's a link to my collection: https://www.discogs.com/user/JoeBob/collection I know it's a long shot but I've been dying for a copy of this for ages. Thanks much!
  7. Please count me in for a tour press as well if anyone would be so kind. I’d sincerely appreciate it. Loving this record and bummed they aren’t playing St. Louis.
  8. Could you grab me a tour variant as well. I’d greatly appreciate it.
  9. 16 - Drop Out Circle of Animals - Invisible War Coffins & Ilsa - Split E.P. Godflesh - Messiah The Great Tyrant - The Trouble With Being Born Harvey Milk - The Singles Hooded Menace - Effigies of Evil 7": Speed 'N Spikes Vol. II Rumpelstiltskin Grinder / Absu Pretty pleased with what I got. Especially dat Godflesh!
  10. I tried to order the limited vinyl yesterday as soon as it went up and after refreshing for 20 minutes was finally able to get in an order through Paypal. My credit card was charged and I received a Paypal confirmation email and see the charge on my card as well as in Paypal, however the site crashed before giving me an order confirmation and I was never sent an email confirmation. I've emailed both [email protected] and [email protected] multiple times since yesterday and still haven't heard anything. Does anyone have any advice they could give me on how to proceed from here. My inner Brand New fanboy is coming out and I'm starting to freak out so I'd love to get this resolved ASAP. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. My credit card was charged as well. I emailed Procrastinate earlier but still no answer. Did this happen to anyone else?
  12. I put an order in through Paypal and got a Paypal confirmation but afterwards got a screen that said there was an error during processing and still nothing from procrastinatemusictraitors. Anyone else have this problem? I hope it's honored.