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Found 5 results

  1. SALE! Get 40% off all Merge Records vinyl until Wednesday, Nov. 9th with this code act checkout: MergeSale2016 tinyurl.com/j5xy9cd
  2. This appears to have snuck out without being noticed here. Band members include Darren Jesse of Ben Folds Five, Archers of Loaf drummer Mark Price and Sparklehorse touring guitarist Alan Weatherhead. The band's website takes you to Amazon to purchase the record. Limited (? how many) and 180g. Good price on both Amazon and Discogs. http://www.amazon.com/Get-Your-Hand-My/dp/B01ACQ6QS6
  3. Ok here goes, bunch of random stuff from the 90's. Everything is in at least VG+ condition. Most of this stuff is NM and super clean. Shipping will be $3 no matter how many you buy. All vinyl is black unless noted. Please try to buy more than just a $1 7" because that's just fucking dumb. I run a distro and ship stuff every day so these will be shipped quickly and in mailers with additional padding. Send all requests to my email at [email protected] And check out my distro in case you want to combo up an order or something like that http://brainabuse.com Artist Title Pressing Info Price Atom And His Package - Behold, I Shall Do A Thing 7" (Pink) $3 Big Black - He's A Whore 7" $3 Big Black - Il Duce 7" $3 Big Black - Heartbeat 7" $4 Birdhouse Four - I Sold 100 Girl Scout Cookies 7" (White) $3 Blessed Ethel - Dog 7" $1 Codeine - Realize (Clear) $9 Crumbox - You Bought Sound 7" $2 Digger/The Fairlanes - Touch My Body 7" $2 Dynamite Boy/The Impossibles - Split 7" (Green) $25 Everready - Count Transit System 7" (Clear Green) $3 Everready - Kalifornia 7" $4 Ex Members Of/Wardance Orange - Split 7" $2 F.Y.P. - Made In Usa 7" (Red/500) $6 F.Y.P. - Extra Credit 7" (Gray/255) $10 The Fairlanes - Hi We're The Fairlanes 7" $2 Flipper - Flipper Twist 7" (Clear) $9 Flop - The Losing End 7" $1 Haywood/Mariner Nine - Split 7" $1 Horace Goes Skiing - Domestic Violence 7" (Blue) $5 Iron And Wine - Call Your Boys 7" (Clear) $25 Jawbox/Edsel - Split 7" $3 Juno - Magnified And Reduced By Inches 7" (Coke Bottle) $4 M.F.R./One Way - Split 7" $2 Mega City Four/The Refreshments - Split 7" $2 Murdock - S/T 7" $1 Nova Scotia - S/T 7" $2 Pink Noise Test - Sink/Dance 7" (White) $3 Pipe - Ashtray 7" $2 Playground - If You Were Me 7" (Green) $3 Polvo - Tilebreaker 7" $6 The Readymen - Factory 7" $2 Sammy - Chili Lite 7" $1 Samuel - Empty And Then Some 7" $5 Seaweed - Bill 7" (Torquoise) $7 Silkworm - Violet/Around A Light 7" (Red w/sticker) $14 Sinkhole - Stool 7" $1 Small - Chopsocky 7" $1 Spanky - Out Of It 7" (Yellow) $4 Spare Snare/Sone - Split 7" $1 Stranger Death 19 - Astral Pilot 7" $1 Tanner - Blueprint 7" $3 Throneberry - Touched 7" $1 Traitors - I'm So Happy When I'm Hating 7" $2 Tripmaster Monkey - Shutters Closed 7" $1 True Zero/Jill - Split 7"$1 V/A - The Sidewalk Chalk Adventure 7" (Comp w/Going Stagg, Six Cents & Natalie, Busytoby, Radio 4) $5
  4. From http://archersofloaf.fanbridge.com/campaigns/show.php?id=1174235: After a 12 year hiatus, the Archers of Loaf reformed in 2011 to play some old songs for fans old and new, and to show off the chemistry and energy that exists to this day between these four friends who met back in 1990 in the small town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Brian Paulson, the band's dear friend and producer / engineer of "All the Nations Airports" and "White Trash Heroes," was on hand to capture the moment for two nights of performances at the infamous Cat's Cradle. Documentarian, writer, and director Gorman Bechard and his crew captured this energy along with some choice interviews with the band members in his concert documentary entitled "What Did You Expect?" Now, four years later, the Archers are making a limited edition vinyl pressing of that weekend entitled "Curse of the Loaf" available direct to their fans in mid-July through Port Merchandise. The double vinyl gatefold package consists of 180 gram black vinyl, a copy of the "What Did You Expect?" DVD, and a replica of the original concert poster designed by artist Paul Friedrich. Each of the 2500 packages is hand-numbered in gold foil for authenticity. A presale of the double LP will be made available during the first week of June. Tracklisting: Side One - Audiowhore / Harnessed in Slums / Dead Red Eyes / Worst Defense / Attack of the Killer Bees / 1985 / Fabricoh Side Two - Greatest of All Time / Lowest Part is Free / Freezing Point /What Did You Expect? / You and Me / Might Side Three - Bacteria / Web in Front / Nostalgia / Slow Worm /Step Into the Light Side Four - Wrong / Plumbline / Revenge /Scenic Pastures /Form and File / All Hail the Black Market
  5. As usual, i'm not setting prices. Just message me and we can work out something. Not looking for ebay cash. The more you buy, the better the deal. Towards the bottom there will be a 7 inch clearance section, five 7 inchers for $10ppd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $10 minimum. selling some posters, ebay link: http://www.ebay.com/sch/peterbruce2/m.html?item=321040007686&pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item4abf79c206&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 archers of loaf sold AC chixdiggit cursive 10 inch everyone everywhere 2 sold everyone everywhere 1 sold signals midwest sold