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Found 9 results

  1. Third album from The Infested - Raw Ensemble is now up for preorder PRE ORDER LINK: http://www.ehcrecords.bandcamp.com 250 copies on Colour Vinyl FFO: Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, No-Ca$h etc you can check out the first song 'Believe' here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay8Q9W2lX4M
  2. For Sale / For Trade PM me or email me [email protected] Choking Victim - Crack Rock Steady EP Choking Victim - Squatta's Paradise Choking Victim - No Gods No Managers Crack Rock Steady 7 - Baby Jesus sliced up - red vinyl #925/1000 INDK - INDK 7" Leftover Crack - Rock the 40oz Leftover Crack - Split with Citizen Fish V/A - BlackNOize Compilation featuring Leftover Crack - white I'm looking for a Misfits - Static Age Poster, and Static Age on Yellow vinyl, and OG presses of Halloween and 3 Hits From Hell. Trade me these or help me buy them! paypal/btc/ltc/eth welcome
  3. Decided to sell these, expecting a baby soon so I could really use some extra cash. All are new, never played, Mint! Banquets - S/T - Limited Blue Marble w/Silk Screen Cover. Hand numbered 67/100 Blink 182 - California, Rare Tour edition CLEAR vinyl Blink 182 - California, RARE Purple vinyl Blink 182 - Neighborhoods 2xLp Gray/Black Marble ( light album cover wear, vinyl is mint ) /1000 Blink 182 - MTTS 2xlp, Clear w/ Rainbow Splatter. Blink 182 / Swindle split 7", 1st pressing from 1996 w/Golden stamp. Cargo Records BOUNCING SOULS - MANIACAL LAUGHTER - Double Mint w/ Purple Haze /100 DAN ANDRIANO THE EMERGENCY ROOM - PARTY ADJACENT LP - 1st Press Purple /1000 Dillinger Four - Civil War, Clear vinyl /550 DOWN BY LAW - D.C GUNS 7" - OOP Limited Green Marble Four Year Strong ‎–Explains It All ( Milky Clear with Electric Blue Splatter ) /269 MASKED INTRUDER 7" - UNDER THE MISTLETOE, - 1st Press White /524 The Wonder Years - Suburbia, orange /gray 1st press /500, The Wonder Years - Suburbia, Clear /1000, The Wonder Years - Won't be pathetic forever 7" purple / white 3rd pressing and Won't be pathetic, Orange 1st pressing /200 The Wonder Years -. I'm not sad anymore The Upsides Deluxe edition 2xlp , clear w/ rainbow Splatter, Etched D side. The Wonder Years - Greatest generation Coke Bottle Clear, Wax Bodega Exclusive The Wonder Years - Greatest generation 2xlp Half red half Blue The Wonder Years - No closer to heaven 2xlp Blue/red/yellow tricolor, The Wonder Years -.Sleeping on thrash black, 2nd press /800 The Wonder Years - Manton street 7" red brick /3000 LEFTOVER CRACK - CONSTRUCTS OF THE STATE LP - 1st Press Red with Black Splatter /525 - Morning Glory - Post war psalms 10" rare Green / Black haze. /250 TAKING BACK SUNDAY - TIDAL WAVE 2XLP - Half Coke Bottle Clear Half Turquoise /500 ( SEALED) LIKE PACIFIC - DISTANCE LIKE YOU ASKED LP - 1st Press Sea Blue /Oxblood / Orange Tri-Color /300 ( I apologize for the font sizes, my phone sucks) PM Me Offers ( no low ballers please). Will ship over seas for the right price. Much rather stay inside the U. S. though. Thanks! Take care!
  4. The Infested - Eaten From The Inside 2nd pressing will be available to buy on the EHC Webstore this weekend Screenprinted on 100% recycled card jackets limited to only 99 copies over 4 colours. Pressing Info: 15 Copies w/Off White Print (Black Vinyl) 20 Copies w/Mint Green Print (Black Vinyl) 29 Copies w/ Blood Red Print (Black Vinyl) 35 Copies w/ Dark Blue Print (Black Vinyl) THIS WILL SHIP STRAIGHT AWAY http://WWW.EHCRECORDS.BANDCAMP.COM You can stream the full album and order here fro Saturday 31st October: http://www.ehcrecords.bandcamp.com/albu ... ide-ehc018
  5. The UK's crack rock steadiest band.... For fans of Leftover Crack and the likes EHC Records are releasing their debut album for the first time on limited colour vinyl. PO soon http://ehcrecords.bandcamp.com/album/myths-lies-hypocrites-ehc014
  6. Available on digipak CD and Limited Colour Vinyl PRE-ORDER's/BUNDLES AVAILABLE NOW FROM: http://www.tnsrecords.co.uk/?product_cat=pre-order From TNS Records: The brand new album from Officer Down is now available to pre-order from our webstore. We are really looking forward to you hearing these tunes, it is a cracking album. We have known these guys for a long time and have always been massive fans. If you haven’t come across them already, their sound is fast-paced punk rock with melodic choruses and a hint of skate punk. As with so many of the TNS bands, they are very active in supporting the scene through their own EHC Records and through EHC Screen Printing. They are a perfect fit with the TNS principles and what we try to achieve with our label. We’re sure that you will love their music and ethos as much as we do. Officer Down have just come back from their North American tour and will be heading to Europe later in the summer. As you would expect, they are playing across the UK most weekends so if you haven’t had a chance to catch them live you will have plenty of opportunities this year. The album is out both on CD and Vinyl. We have green vinyl that is available exclusively from us. We also have some exclusive pre-order packages available for both formats including t-shirts and hoodies. All orders will also come with a patch and a couple of badges… as well as whatever else we have lying around at the time. http://www.facebook.com/officerdownuk
  7. OPEN TO OFFERS SOLD - 4ft Fingers – Holy Shit (Signed) 4ft Fingers – From Hero To Zero SOLD - 7 Seconds – The Music The Message Alkaline Trio – This Addiction (DeluxeStill Sealed) American Distress – Demo American Distress – s/t Alice In Chains – Dirt Angry For Life – Sharks & Roaches Anti-Flag – Underground Network Amen – Buy American (Signed) SOLD - All For Nothing – Start At Zero Anal Thunder – Cheap Wine & QualityTime Antarctica vs The World – Grave New World Against All Authority - All Fall Down AFI – The Art Of Drowning AFI – Retrospective AFI – All Hallows EP All or Nothing – Start At Zero SOLD - Buzztone – Punk By Numbers Broken Nose – Payback SOLD - Burn Subvert Destroy – Burn Blink 182 – All The Live Things (bootleg) Blink 182 – Live @ Reading Festival 2003(bootleg) Blink 182 – Enema Of The State Blink 182 – Take Of Your Pants & Jacket Blink 182 – Mark Tom & Travis Show(digipack) Blink 182 – s/t Bad Nasty/Pestpocken – split SOLD - Bouncing Souls – How I Spent My SummerVacation The Beatsteaks – Launched SOLD - Beans – Sundown Beans - Sundown Bad Religion – 80-85 Bad Religion – The Grey Race Bad Religion – Punk Rock Songs Bad Religion – No Control Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction Bad Religion – The Emprie Strikes First Bad Religion – Against The Grain(Remastered) Bad Religion – The New America Bad Religion – All Ages Bad Religion – No Substance Bad Religion – Tested Bad Religion – Recipe For Hate Beerzone – Live On The Drive Chemical Threat – They Don’t Care SOLD - Choking Victim – Squatta’a Paradise SOLD - Choking Victim – Crack Rock Steady Demo(Disc Only) Choking Victim – No Gods/No Managers Catch 22 – Dinosaur Sounds Catch 22 – Permanent Revolution Cut The Reins – Man Made Dust (x2 copies) Collective Responsibility – Second Scumming The Casualties – Made In NYC (w/Bonus DVD) The Code – Rhetoric Of Reason Capdown – Live In MK Capdown – Pound For The Sound Drones – Mutiny Darkest Hour – Deliver Us SOLD - Dead Subverts – Taking Civil Liberties EP Dogshit Sandwich – 3 Years Of Shit Dogshit Sandwich / Nervous Tension – Split Dogshit Sandwich – Murdering Bastards Destroy Everything – Freedom Of SpeechMeans Talk Is Cheap D’Corner Bois – Be Nice Or Fuck Off SOLD - The Dumpers – Business As Usual Die Nakse Bananen - Bummer 99 Drongos For Europe – Barcode Generation Drongos For Europe – Hotline For Hades Descendents – Somery Descendents – Everything Sucks Dirty South Revolutionaries – Queen CityUnderground Four Man Riot – EP SOLD - Freaks Union – Ever Glad You Were Dead? SOLD - Freaks Union – The Beginning Of The End… SOLD - Freaks Union – Songs From Despair SOLD - F-Minus/Crackrocksteady 7 – Baby JesusSliced In A Manger F-Minus – Suburban Blight F-Minus – Won’t Bleed Me/Failed Society The Flatliners – Destroy To Create From The Cradle To The Rave – The SevenDeadly Singles SOLD - From The Cradle To The Rave – A NightmareOn Wall Street SOLD - The Foamers – Six Pints None The Wiser SOLD - The Foamers – S/T SOLD - Gorilla Biscuits – S/T SOLD - Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today Good Riddance – Symptoms Of A LevelingSpirit Goatercycle – Fuck Em If They Can’t Take AJoke Greenland Whalefishers – Street’s OfSalvation Greenland Whalefishers – Down And Out Goldfinger – Open Your Eyes Global Parasite – Momento Mori Hostile Agenda – Demo & S/T Hatework – 2000/2004 SOLD - INDK – Kill Whitey! In The Shit – A World Of… Intro5pect – Realpolitik I Object! – First Two Years Inner Terrestrials – IT Judge Dread – And So Shall Ye Be Judged Kamikaze Sperm – Diesel & Kicks Kamikaze Sperm – Album Sampler King Monkey – Holiday Special SOLD - Kezus Krijst – Haatdragend The KADT – Killer Airborne DiseaseTransmitters Kid Conspiracy – December Falls King Prawn – Surrender To The Blender Love And A .45 – Too Blonde For You Leftover Crack – Rock The 40oz Leftover Crack – Mediocre Generica Leftover Crack – Fuck World Trade Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish – Deadline Less Than Jake – Loser Kings and Things SOLD - Lightyear – Just Another Demonstration Monkey Boy – The Aquatic Ape Theory Monkey Boy – Monkey In A Rocket Mr. Zippy – What Are You Like? Mellow Dramatik/20 Bulls Each – Split Mouthwash – BBC Session 2005 Mouthwash – Fools Gold… (Signed) Mouthwash – 1000 Dreams Man Made Filth – S/T SOLD - Morning Glory – The Whole World Is Watching(w/ Bonus Tracks) Minor Threat – First Demo Tape The Mingers – Passion Not Fashion Metallica – And Justice For All Municipal Waste – Waste Em All Municipal Waste – The Art Or Partying The Murder Of Rosa Luzembourg – Everyone’s InLove & Flowers Pick Themselves The Murder Of Rosa Luxembourg – Secret BarkLanguage No Reason Why – Can’t Stand The Dark The Nonce Pockets – America’s Bitch SOLD - No Ca$h – Run Your Pockets NOFX – 45 or 46 Songs… NOFX – War On Errorism SOLD - NOFX – Maximum Rock’n’Roll NOFX – The Longest Line NOFX – Ribbed NOFX/Rancid - Split The Nothing – Coma Poems The Nothing – How To Avoid Heaven SOLD - The Offspring – Ixnay On The Hombre SOLD - The Offspring – Americana Only Fumes & Corpses – Who ReallyCares, What Really Lasts Pennywise – Pennywise Pennywise – The Fuse Pennywise – Live @ Reading Festival 2003(Bootleg) Pennywise – Live @ The Key Club Pennywise – About Time SOLD - Pennywise – Land Of The Free? Pennywise – Unknown Road Pennywise – Live In Denver 99 (Bootleg) Pennywise – Straight Ahead Pennywise – From The Ashes (w bonus DVD) Portman – From Here To Your Eyes & Ears(Still Sealed) SOLD - Push Me Under – The Day Lacks Colour… P.A.I.N – Oh My God We’re Actually Doing It Puffin – 18 Stone Lighter SOLD - Perkele – Confront SOLD - Perkele – Voice Of Anger Penetraitors – Wank For Victory Payback – Bring It Back (Still Sealed) SOLD - Progress – The Crosses We Bear Piss Shit Fuck – Use Your Delusion The Part Timers – Truth Be Told SOLD - Public Serpents – Feeding Of The Fortune5000 Paul Carter – Old Enough To Know Better The Pain – Hotel Bates Rancid – Life Wont Wait Rancid – Indestructible (Signed) Rancid – And Out Come The Wolves SOLD - Rancid – 2000 Rancid – Let’s Go The Readymen – Restless Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Make PigsSmoke Revege Of The Psychotronic Man/The Fractions- Split Send More Paramedics/The Nothing – Split Send More Paramedics – A Feast For TheFallen Send More Paramedics – The Hallowed And TheHeathen Send More Paramedics – The Awakening Send More Paramedics/Zombie Apocalypse –Tales Told By Dead Men Suicidal Tendencies - Freedumb SOLD - Streetlight Manifesto - Keasby Nights SOLD - Streetlight Manifesto – Keasbey Nights SOLD - Slipknot – S/T SOLD - Slipknot – Iowa Slipknot – Live In Manchester 2000(Bootleg) SOLD - Strike Anywhere – Change Is A Sound SOLD - Strike Anywhere – Exit English Strike Anywhere – Dead FM Strike Anywhere – To Live In Discontent SpitRoast – Missed Location MisallocationMissile Location Sick Of It All – Scratch The Surface SOLD - Stupid Brick – Proud As Punch SOLD - Stupid Brick – Stispar Nosirpni [spunge] – Pedigree Chump (Signed Booklet) [spunge] – Room For Abuse Slayer – Decade Of Aggression The Steam Pig – Bastard Ugly Everything SOLD - System Of A Down – S/T SOLD - System Of A Down – Toxicity SOLD - System Of A Down – Steal This Album Splitside – EP Splitside – This Sinking Ship Splitside – Our Days Are Numbered Sunflowers HC - …Pochi Ne Restano The Tossers – The Valley Of The Shadow OfDeath The Unseen – Totally Unseen The Transplants – S/T Team Spider – Bush Bush Bush Voodoo Glow Skulls – Steady As She Goes Voodoo Glow Skulls – Addicion TradicionRevolucion Visual Offence - Assault Weakonstruction – 18 Minute Revolution Zombie Apocalypse – This Is A Spark Of Life SOLD - Zeke – Kicked In The Teeth Compliations V/A – Punk-O-Rama 3 V/A – A Tribute To Choking Victim (BeerRecords) V/A – 4 Way Spit (Revenge Of/MightyMidgets/Fist Of The NorthStar/Broken Aris) V/A – UK Fat V/A – Short Music For Short People V/A – Life In The Fat Lane ( Fat Music VolIV) V/A – Hold Your Ground V/A – Lockjaw Records Helping You Back ToWork Vol 2 V/A – Lockjaw Records RAD The Soundtrack V/A – Give Em The Boot VII (Promo) V/A – Middleground Vol 1 (Punkshit Records) V/A – Middleground Vol 3 (Punkshit Records) V/A – Punkshit Volume 2 V/A - Groetjes Uit Holland V/A – Track The Virus (Atrocity Solution/MyOwn Religion/Beng Beng Cocktail) V/A – Punk ‘O’ Rama vol 3
  8. Pre-Orders up now www.theinfested.bigcartel.com www.ehcrecords.bigcartel.com (with exclusive t-shirt) Second Full Length album... for fans of Leftover Crack, Choking Victim, Morning Glory, INDK, No Ca$h etc On Digipak CD (Limited to 250 copies) Released On EHC Records Tracklist: 1.Begin The Infestation 2.Wake Up 3.Nightmare 4.A Thousand Lies 5.Anti-Choice? 6.Deficit (Our Generation) 7.Backstabber 8.Demon 9.Can't Forget 10.Never Comin' Back 11.Eaten From The Inside 12.Who I Am 13.Nightmare (Part Two) 14.Waiting Game 15.The End www.facebook.com/theinfested2004 www.facebook.com/ehcrecords
  9. I need some money and I listed some doubles on ebay. I have no problem to end the auction for good offers. http://www.ebay.com/sch/83demis555/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686