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BLUDHONEY | CoastalDives, Hiroshi Hasegawa (of C.C.C.C.) & Dao De Noize OUT NOW

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also, updates!

Our imprint label CHAMBER 38 has now opened with the debut LP from OSCOB, "Eating Yourself Alive." This imprint will allow us to release a wider variety of experimental music like plunderphonic,  cloud rap,  noise, glitch, vaporwave,  metal, etc - without compromising the consistency of the BLUD releases, which will remain hypnagogic synth. There are less than 15 copies still available: https://chamber38.bandcamp.com/album/eating-yourself-alive

It's also probably worth mentioning that they come in what might be our most elaborate packaging yet:

and finally, we've announced the next BLUD album, as well as shared the first single:


fans of Granite Tapes will remember Delve from his excellent debut release "Headspace". His self titled, " ", goes further into the deep end. just wait until you see the cassettes ;)

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after a short hiatus, BLUD-06 is announced! here's the album trailer:

"BLUD-06: w u s o 命 - "Hold It Together" is out on cassette & digital February 24th via Bludhoney Records.

Following his acclaimed debut "Lonely Streets", w u s o 命 delivers a monolithic sophomore LP that envelops listeners into its grimy, dystopian universe with muted, pulsating synths and brooding orchestration. "Hold It Together" is composed with the fine-tuned detail of a rich film score, paced carefully to be experienced as a whole - "Suppression" pulses with the intensity of a neon-soaked night club before gradually slowing to a crawl like a dimming heartbeat. "Ride Home" begins with the pattering of rain, the flick of a cigarette lighter, and a car accelerating - taking the listener along for a journey of solitude and reflection set to its dark, urban atmosphere. "Hold It Together" is a ambitious step forward for w u s o 命 in both scale and execution - and it fits perfectly among the ever-expanding BLUD collection of hypnagogic synth."



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