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  1. Holy shit - wasn’t that chrono record going for like $400? Sucks for those that bit on that. all of this makes me wonder if they’ll somehow take the time to do Life is Strange’s soundtrack (though that’s unlikely since it would cost a lot to license)
  2. Yeah, I guess me saying the sound quality sucks is a bit of an exaggeration but when you compare this release’s sound and presentation to boots from labels in the scene it’s not even a contest. The fact that they advertise it that it’s /100 when it clearly isn’t doesn’t make me respect it much, either. I’m happy that people are enjoying them, though! I think I am overly critical because I really appreciate the artistry of VGM soundtracks (mostly speaking about the boots tbh).
  3. Go to the video game vinyl group on Facebook. People offloading these around cost since the sound quality sucks.
  4. Go to the video game vinyl group on Facebook. People offloading these around cost since the sound quality sucks.
  5. I read the same. Pretty sure they are. It's probably just ripped directly from a CD.
  6. Thank you!! I had to sell my bone white copy of departure songs when I was having some financial troubles and I vowed that I would buy it again whenever it was reissued. This made my day!
  7. I think it’s their best since their first. Room on Fire is great, too but I always just found it to be a fun but lesser version of their first. This is a great evolution of their sound.
  8. I got an advance stream of it and can say it’s their best record yet.
  9. Damn. Missed Nick’s initial email at first and then I saw he circled back to me to check in and that he was down to the “Last copy.” So, either I missed out or by a stroke of good fortune he held on to it and I got back to him in time! All of this is to say that whether it was saved for me or not they are all gone and if anyone sees these past few replies and thinks to send an email to try and claim a copy you should save your time and save their inbox from more requests.
  10. I’ll take a look tomorrow and see what I can give. This is a great idea!
  11. Yeah, they sold out about a week faster if I remember right.
  12. I think they were webstore exclusives. They sold out pretty quickly, too.
  13. Selah is one of the few legitimately great tracks on the album imo (maybe besides Water) Every other one even if I enjoy them I can't help but think how much better they could be if he fleshed them out or wrote better lyrics. Use This Gospel is the best track but it could be so much better. It falls short of a classic like... say Runaway for example. Pretty disappointing record overall.