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  1. cantdance

    PO: Hellogoodbye - S'Only Natural

    Wow. That’s unbelievable.
  2. cantdance

    PO: La Dispute - Panorama

    I personally thought some of the vocal mixing on the last MwY album to be oddly low as well but this is just absurd. I’m all for this band toning down the focus on the lyrics and vocal delivery in favor of instrumentation but I honestly can hardly make out any of the words.
  3. cantdance

    PO NOW: Thom Yorke - Suspiria (OST)

    Looks like it’s just over 400 copies left on Vinyl Factory.
  4. cantdance

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    Change wasn’t on BC. Think it was in a tweet that the 50 would be taken from the tour so now it’s only 50 for the tour. Hard situation to make everyone happy.
  5. cantdance

    PO: La Dispute - Panorama

    The vocal mixing is really bad
  6. Hey everyone, I’ve had a hard year so I’m taking offers on my collection. Feel free to DM offers and hopefully we can work something out! https://www.discogs.com/user/Jordang878/collection
  7. cantdance

    PO: La Dispute - Panorama

    Yeah I mean I could see being disappointed if you wanted them to take a really different direction with this song/album but I found this to be extremely solid and much better than the first single from Rooms. The album art admittedly sucks, though.
  8. cantdance

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    Expanded will sell out in the next minute
  9. cantdance

    Athletics - BFRSD

    I feel like we were all part of some sick social experiment.
  10. cantdance

    Athletics - BFRSD

    This has been fucking exhausting. I’ve got the two records. Fuck the 7 inch. I’m going to bed lol
  11. cantdance

    PO Now: Kids See Ghosts

    My copy sounds sublime
  12. Their best album. Finally.
  13. Thanks again @Rottengoth now if I could just get my hands on an art edition somehow