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  1. Did anyone happen to get a second copy? Thanks!
  2. Please please, if anyone ordered two I really want one. It is a grail of grails for me. I will pay and throw in a bad ass record I know you'll like. Thanks!
  3. But does this have the OG Frontier samples? I would assume no...I bought it anyway tho.
  4. Damn, I wonder if I can call a Zia store when it actually becomes in stock to order...
  5. Anyone know where I can find the gold/white/glow Bedlam pressing?! Had no idea there was ANOTHER variant! Thanks.
  6. If anyone could help me find a copy I would be eternally grateful. Have lots to trade or would love to buy. This is for my gf as a gift. Trying to help her hunt for one. Thanks!
  7. Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass (56 copies left), comes on electric blue with magenta splatter vinyl, insert and black metal sticker: https://hereisnowhererecords.bigcartel.com/
  8. Villain, Lament and Mombasa, just WOW. Anthemic, check! Bombastic, check! You got to love a band that challenges themselves and wants to reinvent themselves with a new sound for them, but still has some of the same trademarks that made us love them from the beginning! FUCKING HELL! GREAT ALBUM!
  9. Also, yes, New Bermuda is their best. SB and OCHL are tied, but most of the times I find myself listening to OCHL because the brighter, transcendent sounds feel more panoramic on that record to me. Truly worth of the namesake.

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