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The Motor City Five (MC5 Compilation from Run On Groove Records)

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Run Out Groove is associated with Warner/Elektra/Atlantic so their catalog that hasn't been reissued yet may just see the light of day.  (Didn't see any posts related to this label or this release, apologies if I missed it.)


From their site:

"1.  Each month we will post additional potential projects and ask for your input on which title should be pressed next.

2.  The project chosen by majority vote will be made available to order for 30 days, after which the title will go on press. Orders will only be taken within the 30 day pre order window. So please be aware of open and close dates that we post.

3.  When the pre-order window closes we will announce the quantity to be pressed in an individually numbered and limited edition. The record will be delivered direct to your door and to participating retailers."

The Motor City Five via Run Out Groove 

Each 1LP is pressed on 180g, multi-color vinyl, is individually numbered and strictly limited, based on pre orders. Also included is a 12x12 insert with photos and liner notes.

"The MC5, born out of the ashes of industrial Detroit, recorded only 3 full length albums and lasted less than a decade but left an indelible stain on the world of Rock & Roll both musically and culturally. Like their Detroit brothers The Stooges, they helped lay the initial ground work for the punk movement with a simple, hard driving, high energy, loud and gritty style of Rock that includes elements of garage rock, hard rock, blues and psychedelic rock.

This one time only Run Out Groove release is the first legitimate vinyl compilation of the band’s Elektra and Atlantic recordings and belongs on every Rock collector’s shelf, if not for the sonic music assault then for the audacious packaging alone. Each record comes in a single sleeve, silver foil, old-school tip-on Stoughton paper wrapped jacket.

This record provides a killer ensemble of tracks from their halcyon days, including the original uncensored version of “Kick Out the Jams.”"

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