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  1. Couldn’t either it said it may be out of stock though so that is probably it
  2. Snagged the goner exclusive today. Really looking forward to this.
  3. I’ve always looked at splits and dings as the price of buying records online instead of locally. I mean you are getting cardboard sent inside thicker cardboard and it is going hundreds of miles, things can happen with the best packing jobs
  4. Sorry to add more but the thing is they are creating a frenzy that was kind of unnecessary but now everyone who works at target knows these are resealable which will make them that much harder to get because employees and employee friends will be buying them up like they do with the Pokémon/trading cards
  5. To be fair he probably doesn’t know and those guys are so sick of dealing with collectors and resellers right now that they are saying the easiest thing to end conversations. I am not even sure if they stock them, it might be a third party. Just from talking to them everyday I know they are pretty much sick of dealing with questions about sports cards, gaming systems and collectibles. i just kind of find it hard to believe that every store just got like 8 on a shipper for pre Black Friday and that is it, but I could be wrong
  6. I’d say they pressed a minimum 5,000. I am in targets at least three times a day for work and after talking to someone they only came on the shipper which some stores set early and others will set Sunday. If they ended back in with the rest of the lps they probably set it early and people were denied buying them due to the street date and they just kept them in the electronic stock room until today. It is kind of laughable that all these people keep posting buying like 6 copies because the only way these things will be hard to find is if the same people keep buying them up thinking they are
  7. I am guessing this shouldn't too hard to get since similarly popular albums are pretty easy to find
  8. Anybody seen the Miles Davis up anywhere? Thought the pressing was large enough that it wouldn't be hard to find. There are tons on discogs from overseas sellers but everything in the states is kind of high, probably have to wait this one out
  9. Probably my favorite as well, I think seeing it live cemented that opinion
  10. cool, I just contacted amoeba a few days ago because my Wipers got pretty destroyed in the mail but they said they didnt have anymore
  11. Amoeba is listing stuff in their Discogs page just snagged a gbv and there are a bunch more
  12. Just looking for gbv and spacehog May just have to wait it out
  13. Patiently waiting for Greg Ginn to sue them over their logo
  14. It might pop up in the novelties store and last a couple minutes but it will probably be a storefront exclusive in Detroit or Nashville. You'll probably have to travel or get it off the secondary market
  15. Didn’t see one of these and considering how much he releases a year figured others might find it useful the would be RSD release Vampires on Titus is up on bullmoose, probably won’t last long I guess since it was supposed to be just for Europe it can be preordered https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34428318/guided-by-voices-vampire-on-titus-opaque-yellow-vinyl-indie-exclusive anybody else sign up for Hot Freaks?
  16. New Redd Kross colored vinyl up in vault store was pretty excited to see these figured someone else might be too
  17. Hillbillies in hell vol x is up on the Light in the Attic website
  18. Bullmoose has dog and pony if you are still looking for it
  19. They should just release stuff as it is available but I am guessing they know half the reason there is demand for a lot of this stuff is because they are record store day exclusives and would sell a lot less if they were just the indie exclusive that pop up all year round
  20. There is a good interview with Mark on Joseph Arthur’s podcast where he talks about the book
  21. EUCLID Records in St. Louis has their inventory online plus if in the area they are delivering www.euclidrecords.com

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