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Brand New - RARE items - 50% donated to charity

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****************************************SHOP CLOSED****************************************

Work has hit its seasonal peak, so I'm not selling for now. Feel free to shoot me a message if interested, and I'll get to you when the shop reopens, thank you!


I've been planning on selling my collection for a year or so, and now's the time. Cued by my general lack of charitable giving multiplied by my white/male privilege guilt, I'm donating 50% of the proceeds from selling my Brand New items.


With the recent allegations against Jesse Lacey, listening to BN is still enjoyable, but leaves a sour taste. So the money will go toward to my local Orange County Rape Crisis Center in Chapel Hill, NC. Their Mission is to stop sexual violence and its impact through support, education, and advocacy. $175 donated so far from this thread as of 2/19/18.


To be clear, I am by no means boycotting BN or trying to get anyone else to do that—I’m keeping one copy of each of their LPs, I’ll still probably see them live the next time they come to town, and, well, it’s my username. I’m simply trying to relieve some of my guilt from listening to BN by using these funds to make a small contribution to fighting sexual violence and the complex environments that enable it. Regardless of how you feel about Jesse Lacey's actions, hopefully we can all get behind fighting sexual violence. 


Prices are PPD, and a little higher than I’d normally ask for, provided the charity aspect, so feel free to make an offer. If anyone is worried about making a large purchase, note that I have 100% feedback.



Your Favorite Weapon            1st press, white, /100, one dinged corner (looks like ~1/4" crease on front, and ~1/2" crease on back) - $235

Your Favorite Weapon            repress, light blue - $135

Your Favorite Weapon            repress, light blue, SEALED - $160

I am a Nightmare                        Sealed - $5 with any big purchase



Jude Law (B: Am I Wrong) - $250

Sic Transit (B: Jaws Theme (Demo))               pink, sore point - $70

Quiet Things (B: No Seatbelt Song (Live))  green, power line cover - $95

Quiet Things (B: Jude Law (demo))                red - $95

Jesus (B: Brothers)                                                 Jellyfish pic disc - $105



Your Favorite Weapon Tour DVD - "Pop this deal in yer DVD thingy, man. It'll blow yer freakin' face off." - $95


Clothes (all worn)

Mics are for singing not swinging Hoodie – XS, $30

Anchor tee, M, $15

Devil and God Album Art Tee, M, $25



Jellyfish blacklight poster, average wear. $30+.

Purple poster of live show, some tears, lots of creases

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