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  1. Snagged a copy from the 50 restock they made 5 minutes ago. It was even faster than the other day, one refresh too long and you were out of the game.
  2. Took the 66 marbled gold limited edition of this Perturbator rookie album. can't make a wrong move on this one, can I ?
  3. out of stock stuff please, as I'm starting to buy what is available. I just got Macintosh + : Floral shoppe Turntboiフォレバー95 : FOREVER Ev.exi - Remember Would you have some good vibes available? thanks for your time :)
  4. tactical dot. anybody have a spares copies collection willing to sell of please? thx for your time guys :)
  5. Thé gunship is available on Amazon for 10£ less. Just no embossed cover, classic edition.
  6. The guy does not answer to this post or his PM sadly, no feedback as I look to buy his posters too
  7. nice I do not have this one, I've got the other orange green one. I PM you regarding price thank you for your time.
  8. I upload my pics taken with a smartphone on imgur https://imgur.com/ no need to log in, just select "new post" then it gives me a link where they are hosted, quite easy. you can PM me if needed
  9. Thank you for the information, I'm mostly looking for prints please, so when you say "poster" it is indeed a poster and not a print? If the electric factory one is the green "giving tree" made by lamour suprem, SuburbanAvenger is the chicago one? Which one do you have? 3 differents from 3 differents show? sorry for all these questions, thank you for your time