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  1. Omg. The hot vs. cool joke actually came true. This shit is wild
  2. the purple is available at a lot of indie stores too
  3. just listened to the leak. this album sucks. expected it though. RIP blink 182. edit: i would also like to add, somehow i didnt see this before, some forty-something year olds named a song "on some emo shit." yikes..
  4. i think the songs are pretty good. the first one has a kinda strokes/casablancas sound, which im very into haha
  5. been listening all weekend. i think the first two tracks are the best but pretty good release all in all
  6. Damn. Surprised there wasn’t a deluxe edition or something. Got the rfc exclusive
  7. wow a $30 LP that should be $15. I actually think Simple Creatures is making better music than "blink" but still insane pricing.
  8. new song is pretty good. i also went to the first show last night and it was pretty fucking great to see tom at it again. hopefully a new record comes soon