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  1. in for this. also woah, bullmoose got a facelift haha
  2. why the hell on earth would they think they need to re-record a cover
  3. i only made the black slip case for deja because that how the orignal cd came packaged. then made the other ones cause people asked for them lol. it was dumb but it was also fun and people here were pretty supportive of it.
  4. nah. those were the mailers that i sent out the sleeves in lol
  5. looks nice. i will probably try and pick one up on friday
  6. this is how i feel after first listen. i'll listen over the weekend and im sure it will grow on me
  7. in for this. now to decide between yellow and blue
  8. https://tothestars.media/collections/music/products/angels-and-airwaves-kiss-tell-rebel-girl-7-orange rebel girl/kiss and tell 7"