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  1. got this today. packaged like idiots, as per usual from merch limited. arrived slightly damaged. package is interesting but not nearly as cool as TWY dlx from earlier this year.
  2. got one too. after refreshing a little bit
  3. looks pretty sick. just got my shipping confirmation for this today. excited to get this
  4. CVHX

    PO SOON: Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate

    im gonna wait it out for this one since i missed the solid blue.
  5. wait... these things have music on them??
  6. how weird. west coast people are receiving this via media mail but some havent even shipped yet.
  7. to anyone who received theirs, does your merch now page say it was shipped? just checked mine and it says it hasnt shipped.
  8. ah damn. thats probably why its pretty affordable for a 2xLP. gatefold would have been a nice touch
  9. i do NOT need another one of these but that splatter is perfect for the art
  10. this song is way better than gold rush lol
  11. idk if this will be very flippable due to the price.. i picked one up, cause I typically enjoy nice deluxe releases like this.
  12. idk, i watched it drop under 100 rather quickly.. the flip is real on this one
  13. i think only 500 of the clear blue went up but it will probably be gone within the hour..