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  1. this album is phenomenal but 27 bucks is crazy for 15 mins of music lol
  2. I bought coke bottle this morning but it’s gone now
  3. I love this band. They haven’t announced the album yet but they’re on their site, and if you’re anything like me, you’re a sucker for a /100 variant. https://otherpeoplerecords.store/collections/gleemer edit: oops they already did announce it while I was posting this haha
  4. im in for mac and mcr. they should be pretty easy to get. hopefully...
  5. i didnt see a thread for this but this is one of my favorites of the year so far. would recommend for fans of front bottoms, mom jeans, modern baseball, etc. seems like no sleep is kinda making a comeback with some good releases. https://nosleeprecords.com/collections/worst-party-ever/products/here-online?variant=31704394596437
  6. stoked there's a mac demarco demos again. theyre usually pretty easy to get/find too.
  7. yes. although the /300 does look better. the allure of the /100 got me
  8. bought the /100. kinda surprised it was still available
  9. hahaha glad im not the only one that thought this
  10. im pretty excited for this but dont see much need to rush for PO
  11. lol those fold over covers. they always do that shit and still fuck them up haha