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  1. hoping for a cool variant from somewhere
  2. i do not need these, but i will probably buy them because i actually like both of these colors
  3. new song sounds pretty good. but i hate the bundle gimmick.
  4. i thought you can only get this through the sub and they charge a minimum of 3 months. maybe im mistaken?
  5. if anyone wants to sell me the phoenix record, happy to pay cost plus shipping. not gonna subscribe to get it lol
  6. i ordered the black earlier cause it seemed like the only variant available from the bands link. now i want that clear/splatter as well lol.
  7. splatter is now gone. i just got the tee bundle, dont mind giving another 20 bucks to a great band that could probably really use the extra $
  8. i like the new record a lot. yes, i think SD and 2 are better and more upbeat, but i like the new stuff too
  9. i agree completely. WDNTW and I empire are so good but maybe thats just cause how obsessed i was when they came out. i think TDW was good and ilans contributions are mostly good but the stuff can end up sounding a little generic/synthy at times. makes you realize how critical "critter" was as the producer for all the early years.
  10. pretty excited about this. seems like tour dates is pretty likely at this point. its been like 7 years...
  11. unfortunately, i dont live in the bay area anymore but all hail 1234go for making rsd so easy in previous years.
  12. ordered. idk why media mail is over $6 though