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  1. no problem. was actually able to get pit tickets this time. although livenation/ticketmasters new waiting room thing is fucking annoying.
  2. i'll pay for anyones ticket if they can get me the LP. im gonna try and go to the show this week but cant go til later in the evening.
  3. great pick up by pure noise. this album is really damn good.
  4. In for this. Never disappoints. Kinda crazy that he left captured tracks and is doing his own label
  5. i want so badly to like this. the first song was pretty good. the album art is bad lol
  6. i got an email saying that because i ordered from pinegrove, they sent the digital download for the acoustic album. i almost think the acoustic version might even be better...
  7. i'm here cause the comment section has already made me LOL.
  8. so crazy. was on there at 9am and still couldnt get tickets.
  9. same. soooo good. was able to grab an orange variant earlier with the help of someone in that other thread.
  10. anyone have another link for orange in the US?
  11. OMG leave it to SRC to tease a record variant that will come out in 10 months LMAO. still cool, nevertheless.
  12. pretty sure its not a tour variant. its the indie version with blue 7" but they are also selling a tour version of the 7" alone on red vinyl.