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  1. that email is funny. lying about it being clear that there was a 1 copy limit. then saying you get first access to the next vinyl release. they couldn't even do a normal release, what makes them think they're gonna be able to do a limited access release??
  2. damn this merch company is having a tough time now that people actually bought a blink record again haha
  3. Exact same here. Boy genius made it to the US and updated. Punisher has not yet
  4. i cant believe i beat the wasda guy to this https://mall.merchnow.com/pages/neck-deep-spotify-exclusive
  5. sometimes im amazed at how bad these people are at running merch companies/coordinating releases.
  6. yeah, it for sure was... it had no info regarding limit before
  7. remember when the hot topic variants would go live at like 2am?? lmaooo
  8. True. They should have just done all 5 songs on one side of a 12" with etching.
  9. was gonna say this too. tom is crazy for sure, but all the things hes been talking about for years are actually coming to fruition, he also seems way happier of the past year
  10. expecting this soon. looks like its done, its not just a test press.