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  1. i dont think i've ever seen black with splatter turn out good.
  2. this is how i feel after first listen. i'll listen over the weekend and im sure it will grow on me
  3. in for this. now to decide between yellow and blue
  4. https://tothestars.media/collections/music/products/angels-and-airwaves-kiss-tell-rebel-girl-7-orange rebel girl/kiss and tell 7"
  5. thanks for the heads up. just canceled my rough trade UK order
  6. Omg. The hot vs. cool joke actually came true. This shit is wild
  7. the purple is available at a lot of indie stores too
  8. just listened to the leak. this album sucks. expected it though. RIP blink 182. edit: i would also like to add, somehow i didnt see this before, some forty-something year olds named a song "on some emo shit." yikes..
  9. i think the songs are pretty good. the first one has a kinda strokes/casablancas sound, which im very into haha
  10. been listening all weekend. i think the first two tracks are the best but pretty good release all in all