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  1. glad i woke up early today. didnt get the pinwheel but got the /100 butterfly
  2. just got my copy with the signed "print" which is just a fucking 3x5 card with a pic of the guys.. wouldnt have bought a second copy if i knew this was the signed print lol
  3. yeah its pretty damn funny that the "color contamination" is what caused him to write the article lmao.
  4. media mail option now. or at least for the single LP. just got one
  5. got mine today too. just gonna mention how good this record is. might be their best record, especially production wise. dont get me wrong s/t and talon have a special place in my heart but this one is great
  6. i just got my shipping confirmation on the cloudy clear. was getting scared that it wasnt gonna ship haha
  7. excited for this. ciz/mat can do no wrong by me
  8. i got a half blue/half black instead of solid black(now i have 2). if anyone wants to trade for the solid black or clear/red hmu
  9. im really surprised by this, its so much better than their last record. now im truly wishing i was able to get that first variant haha