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Ramones - Acid Eaters (new bootleg?)

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I noticed a few copies of Acid Eaters on vinyl popped up on Amazon and Rough Trade recently...






I did some digging on the catalog number listed on Rough Trade and it looks like a Russian bootleg from "Miebika Records". A few people have told me they've gotten these from their local record store as well.


I ordered one from Amazon out of curiousity - the seller who's fulfilling the orders has shitty feedback so not expecting much.


I'll update if/when it shows up.



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14 hours ago, IndigoHollow said:

@xen0m0rph do you know something about that pressing?

uh, looks like another "russian-like" bootleg

but i will check arount, may be will have some more info


"Saint Petersberg" didn't looks like it's Russian guy made it

as well as "Музыка Records" (Music Records)

and those strange umlaut up У letter 

I have old bootleg from Antrop with funny mistakes

Sounds terrible :D


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Out of stock on Amazon now, buy it's also on ebay



Better pictures of the jacket on there as well, I'll post pictures of the record when it comes

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