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  1. Finally got mine. This gatefold is super nice! I feel pleasure just holding it in my hands. Black #143 Yellow #1498
  2. Nothing is true... + Maratorium https://www.entershikari.com/store/categories/vinyl Got a signed test press. Now it's sold out.
  3. Right stuf moved their variant release to April 30. But some people already got it.
  4. I ordered from AOF official store and got no shipping notification yet 😐
  5. Dude, you posted the same phrase in 10 different threads at the same time. You just a spammer.
  6. I ordered box + 5 separate records in one parcel so I guess I'll be the last one to get it
  7. Got mail from Right stuf that Evangelion vinyl release date moved to April 30. That's strange.
  8. Failed to find discogs page for this. Seems like nobody wants to mess with the hieroglyphs 😃
  9. No shipping notification for me from Right Stuf. Probably because I ordered Evangelion with The Silent Voice, which is now sold out. Wondering if they reserve in stock items (which are combined with pre-order items) shortly after the order or when it's time to ship it.
  10. Hope people wouldn't start to create separate Discogs pages for each color combination. Otherwise it will be a shitshow.
  11. As far as I know, this edition should've been participate in RSD 2020, but they found issues after product was already produced and excluded it from the RSD list.
  12. Grabbed red cover. Black is TLV exclusive. Does it mean that red cover will be selling on other resources? Black on black is sold out. Looks like it's more limited.
  13. So what's the difference between two Berserk versions? Only title color?
  14. Banquet already has Paramore in the store: https://www.banquetrecords.com/paramore/riot!-(fbr-25th-anniversary)/RIOTFBR25 At this moment there is none at FBR store or other stores I know about.
  15. Just wanted to get rid of Direct driver avatar on the main page.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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