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  1. I want to buy IKEA Liatorp (with doors because I have a child) for vinyl but have doubts about whether standard size vinyl will fit inside or not. If anyone have experience with Liatorp please share!
  2. Earlier today I googled every Saosin merch store and just checked each of them
  3. It's up https://merchconnectioninc.com/collections/saosin
  4. Pushed to 8:50 am PST Link: https://1234gorecords.myshopify.com/products/the-transplants-s-t-2xlp-coke-bottle-clear-blue-vinyl Why 8:50 tho? My guess it's because of Saosin
  5. Pet shop of horrors: https://tigerlabvinyl.com/collections/featured-home-page/products/pet-shop-of-horrors
  6. The positive side is that these dudes who bought 10+ records in the pursuit of none-bronze color, will be trying to sell these bronze cheaper on discogs.
  7. They announced splatter via instagram but it went really quick from official US webstore. But still available at Impericon: https://www.impericon.com/uk/a-day-to-remember-common-courtesy-rainbow-splattered-2-vinyl.html
  8. FINALLY NICE COVER ART! (but that's Netflix) "Check out the Yoko Kanno supervised soundtrack to Netflix’ Cowboy Bebop on vinyl! Album features 23 tracks only available on vinyl ! Illustrations by Toshihiro Kawamoto. Pre-order starts on Thursday 9/15 at 8pm PST: https://cowboybebop.lnk.to/netflixPR"
  9. I'm also using these companies for the last 3 years and can confirm that it's chipper to buy records outside of US, England, Australia through them. Also I'm living in the fucking Russia and still buy records despite of sanctions on payment and sanctions on shipping. Process became little bit longer and risky (pay with cryptocurrency) but have no other choice for the moment. The only issue I had with mail forwarders is that they cut my Turnover vinyl while opening the shop's package (you can ask them to remove it to reduce the weight of the parcel). But they returned me money for it.
  10. What a joke https://www.netflix.shop/products/cowboy-bebop-vinyl?_pos=1&_sid=9a99c9e77&_ss=r
  11. I don't think that's an alternative cover. It's just black & white image of the same cover