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  1. Looks like new good riddance can pop out on any moment. First single leaked
  2. It was on 12-15may Just got push notification via eBay app Not 10%, but 10 usd with minimum purchase of 15
  3. Up at jpc.de as well https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/frank-turner-poetry-of-the-deed/hnum/9217437 white - https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/frank-turner-poetry-of-the-deed/hnum/9217354 cheap shipping to US and - VAT
  4. not sure that new album will be on fat sinnce last single was released outside of label and fat didn't post any info about it
  5. wohoo, downloads 38 for clowns and only 9 for tbr
  6. Buying stuff from them since 08, didn't remember it Just remember when bands sell coloured copies from their store And no proofs that you get black or colour because it was "first comes got colour vinyl".
  7. I use estonian factory. Without covers i have those prices, so i prefer to do at least 300 copies. 100pcs = 8,31 eur/each 200pcs = 4,38 eur/each 300pcs = 3,34 eur/each 500pcs = 2,34 eur/each 1000pcs = 1,76 eur/each
  8. i have more then 20 releases. Sound is really deaf always, vinyl quality is poor even i have few potholes on record. If you looking to make 20 records, make it lathecut, lower quality but much more cheaper because you don't pay for martix (400-500 EUR).
  9. they suck! most part of Russian labels prefer to pay shipping and custom fee then to do records at Ultra
  10. Epitaph always repress their rsd titles in 6-8 month