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post your set-up thread

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I only use 1970s Pioneer turntables. I've got a handful of them. Here's what I'm using now - a PL520.

do you also use vintage pioneer pre-amps / amps?


not right now. i'm actually using a sony digital receiver right now that i'm not too stoked on. i had this amazing kenwood tube receiver, but it was massive and wouldn't fit in (or on) anything i owned, so i'm not using it any longer. i'm always keeping my eye out for a pioneer...

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This is the PL-71 I'll be setting up in the label office as soon as I find a suitable receiver/amp. I've been wanting this particular model for a while and a guy on ebay totally ripped me off on one. I picked this one up a couple of weeks later at a flea market for $30.

I am looking for a PL-55.(I believe that's the model #). It looks like yours, but much more bulkier. I bought one from a shop 2 years ago,but had to trade it back. It wouldn't play the last song on a side all the way through. I was so damn bummed.

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can you guys post the components of the set up? I cant identify most of these just by looking. also, what are those toothbrushes for xfedaykinx?

the silver thing-a-majig is supposed to rest on that black handle looking thing in the upper left corner. it brushes along the record while it plays to keep any dust from getting stuck in the needle. i havent used it much since getting my anti-static brush, but it was a big help before then.

the toothbrush is used to occasionally clean off anything that may collect on the needle. i used to have solution that i got from my dad to put on the brush to help clean the needle, but i seem to have lost it. dont use that much since the anti-static brush either.


it certainly is a first press enter. and it is deliciousness for the ears


thanks for the props on the isis poster. picked it up when they played with dalek and zombie at the first unitarian in philly a year or two ago. #2/50. its pretty badass. it currently sits in a legit metal frame courtesy of americanframe.com and $20 of my american dollars.

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