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  1. Not yet- pretty happy with it minus the pre. Due to my lady really enjoying audio, I wanted a more simple system. When I do upgrade, I'll probably go with the Parasound Halo integrated.
  2. ajxd

    WTB: Records at 2011 prices

    The boom was way before 2011 you n00bz
  3. Lowered some prices; added some pieces
  4. Rotel RA-1570. I got rid of my Parasound setup when I was dirt poor in ATL. Bought the Rotel that was a floor demo the week after I started getting paid in TX.
  5. ajxd

    Phono Pre

    New house; new loud system. I get some background noise at 55ish; would like to be able to listen at 65 for when I'm wanting loud music. Just a little boost needed.
  6. They are incredible. I was really happy with the midrange sound, and the non-tinny highs. Not that I had issue with the SFs, but older speakers I did. Super well-rounded speaker. I demoed in a room similar to mine, but with lower end equipment. I was shocked how great they sounded right off the bat. I just demoed with Postal Service - Give Up tracks 1 and 2; Save the Day - Through Being cool tracks 1 and 2; and Iron and Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days tracks 1 and 2. Plus some funk the seller liked. The bass he had set up is almost ideally what I liked; but he had never used them for movies... so I'll be exploring that this weekend. I wanted big speakers to fill my house. I got em.
  7. Been looking to upgrade to a stand alone; currently using the onboard in my Rotel RA-1570. Rest of my system is Marantz TT-15S1 with Clearaudio Virtuoso and Goldenear Triton 2s. Been thinking of... Musical Surroundings Phenomena II (or Nova II if I find one used due to wanting the battery powered). iFi Phono2 Ray Samuels Nighthawk Thoughts?
  8. Damn I forget no one here actually likes gear
  9. UPDATE: Checking out some Goldenear Triton 2's on Saturday.
  10. Don't most turntables come with a 45 adapter these days?
  11. ajxd

    post your set-up thread

    Alright buddy, show the rest of the system.
  12. Finally something worth seeing.
  13. New house. New setups. Selling the old bedroom setup. Rotel RA-1062 $450 + ship. Has MM Phono input. Cambridge Audio DAC Magic $150 + ship Def Tech Studio Monitors 350 $150 + ship