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  1. ajxd

    Which amp?

    I'm a fan of Rotel; and they use a nice MM. Not sure the comparability of the RA-1062/RA-1570 to the A-10; but I've enjoyed their onboard phonos. But also
  2. Get some matching Marantz speakers from the same era. Its fun. And then buy all modern gear.
  3. Oh my I didn't even read what turntable they were using. They deserve all the crying baby photos now.
  4. Hey Chumps. These have been sitting in a box since I bought my house. Check the link here. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649172649-sonus-faber-venere-15-bookshelf-speakers-with-matching-stands/
  5. ajxd


    I would check everything. Any major movements or changes require checks.
  6. Are you new to the internet?
  7. ajxd

    Damaged mp-110 stylus?

    Better throw out your whole system just in case.
  8. Nope. Ignore this. My posts dive into why this is bad.
  9. If you use the search function; "clean" "cleaning" you'll find a LOT of my posts on this forum from when I cared more about you goons. As a molecular scientist, a really dove into cleaning records. In a nutshell; vacuum is the best option. Everything else; not so great.
  10. I AINT DEAD YET SON Welcome to the Marantz/Clearaudio club.