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FS The Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Singles 4x7'' box and more sp/auf der maur/zwan/related/others

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Hello !


I have to sell some of my records...



The box is 100% genuine, limited to 6000 boxes pressed, the description is below:

Description: http://www.spfreaks.com/?page=COLLDETAILS&item=1117

Pictures: http://imageupper.com/g/?galID=S020001010H1383949662736110&n=1

The records are vg-, and the sleeves are mint the box shows slight signs of wear at the corners. Every one I've seen had these.


As commented below, it was overpriced. I think it's not now.


I also have two Auf Der Maur vinyl:


Real a Lie (beige vinyl) - MINT - $5

Followed the waves (blue vinyl) - $5

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as a pumpkins fan, everything here seems way overpriced, aside from maybe the siamese singles boxset, which is the same price i payed for, sealed, 14 years ago.


are you the same dude from the pumpkinlands forums?


if so, i hope these sell, but the CDs are WAY overpriced.

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I suppose you might be right almightyseancore. If anyone's interested, feel free to just make me an offer. I don't know much about pricing and don't have time to look everything up, let's just say I'd like $100 for the SD box, as for the rest of it - just get in touch and we will figure stuff out. Yeah I'm an old pumpkin freak in the very red. Sorry if I offended anybody with the prices.




EDIT. Oh, I don't know pumpkinland forums so I'm not the guy.

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