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  1. Came here to post this. Super excited for this news. Lost cities is one of my favorite albums, but all of them are solid. Confirmation of the reissues at the end of the article.
  2. I'll be pretty bummed if this is legit sold out 3 hours before it was advertised to be available. *edit. Yea pretty bummed.
  3. THIS is why i love this forum! So glad I don't have to spam F5 tomorrow morning when I'm supposed to be working.
  4. I love seeing Emma Ruth Rundle pop up. I sold her a guitar a few years back, and I guess she used it on "Marked for Death". Became a huge fan of hers after seeing Marriages.
  5. I dunno if this is something you'd be interested in... Actually, I'm not sure about the rules around the board for self promotion... Not that I make any money really. You probably know where I am going with this. I made a kind of weird album called MourningStar. I call my band Dumbhole. This album is instrumental, layered guitars and stuff. It's streaming everywhere so if you want to add it to your spotify playlist or something, it is available. Here's a link to my bandcamp. I make it a point to always make my music free. So that is why I am linking to it there. Anyway, I hope you like it. The less I say probably the better.
  6. I guess I will try to keep the staggered momentum going with a self indulgent album plug. I just released an album of 10 songs (43 min). It's pretty weird alt rock with a lot of layers, all instrumental. Hope someone out there likes it. Dumbhole - MourningStar
  7. Really tempted... but I think I am going to hold out hope for them to press The End of All Things to Come. It's really the only one of their albums that I want on wax.
  8. I am a huge fan of BC. I really respect his musicianship and I appreciate his, what I would arguably consider, "artistic integrity". As a person though, he seems really far removed from planet earth and I think this a good example of how disconnected he is. Is someone going to put on their fresh WPC trucker hat and their Zero t-shirt, and jam out to this record playing full blast with their new stylophone pocket synth? What's the demographic here? I would have bought this had it not come with all of the add-on crap and been 100 bucks cheaper. That is because I am a pumpkins fan. But the thing is, this will sell out. I am curious, to those who did buy it, why did you buy it?
  9. I saw a few bootlegs of Rotten Apples have been sold on ebay. I didn't know they existed. And they look really good. I was thinking about getting one for the hell of it if any more become available.

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