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  1. the preorders seem to be sold out everywhere already, maybe they plan on sending more out when it's actually released but it's probably not going to be as easy to get as you might think.
  2. Anyone have a copy of the TTNG self-titled EP that was just pressed they could part with? I missed it
  3. you can still get animals on TTNG's hello merch store
  4. its weird - it didn't show up for me under the vinyl section but when i searched for it it was there
  5. Album is so so good, but the vinyl sounds awful just so you know. And most of those variants are bootlegs without original art, and sound even worse than the OG press which sounds like shit to begin with
  6. Damn I want majora's mask
  7. Shit, if only 11 year old me knew these would be worth something someday
  8. Bumppppppppp
  9. I don't see why this hasn't been repressed yet. I'd also like to see the songs on the CD compilation on vinyl
  10. Thanks guys I'll keep trying
  11. PMed. I've bought at least 50 records on these boards since I made this username and only a couple people left feedback, doesn't mean shit fenderkid
  12. bump