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  1. Record sounds great, but the hologram is really hard to see. Maybe my lighting is wrong.
  2. Made the donation, then it sold out before I could submit. At lease I could donate to a good cause. Bummed I don't have this though, I love the artwork!
  3. Went to the LA show last night and picked an extra tour split for the board. PM me if you are interested. Edit: SOLD
  4. We got here at midnight. Actually Andrew did, I met him a half hour later and there was like twenty more people in line.
  5. Andrewlucas and I are in line at Fingerprints. Come say hey if you come out, we are at the front.
  6. I've definitely been to better organized festivals. Having one stand where you could get water for 17k people is just crazy. Granted, you can get water at the food stands, but those lines were twice as long.
  7. Anyone going to the new LA date on 3/27 they just announced? I went to Self Help yesterday and it was so poorly organized. Nothing like standing in line for longer then most bands' sets just to buy a $4 bottle of water. Underoath was amazing though, so at least there was that.
  8. Anyone else catch how fantastic the score was in this latest episode? If I recall correctly, its been noticeably better the last few, but it really stood out in this one. It reminded me a little of the Sicario score.
  9. Thank you! It's actually the older expedit shelves, but essentially yes. It's a 2x2 and 4x4 together on capita legs. Two of the cubes aren't accessible in the corner so I use them for storing random stuff I don't ever need but don't want to throw out haha.

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