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  1. The drum recording on this record is not great and way too loud in the mix. Especially the snare. Pleasantly surprised by the record overall though!
  2. This is so interesting to read because I’ve literally bought only 2 VMP releases in my life, and they were Mars Volta & Outkast. They both were not good.
  3. Legit one of my favorite bands out right now. Easy purchase.
  4. Excuse my ignorance but is this not just theory? Like, what research did you do to get this information outside of some pressing plant FAQ pages or blog posts? I've never come across any detailed scientific research on this topic. Not that any of this really matters.
  5. I get the heavyweight part but not sure why you're including black specifically? 180 gram colored vinyl would be just as rigid.
  6. There is no proof of white vinyl being worse than other colors to my knowledge.
  7. Majority with this policy can eat shit. Unless it is a made to order deal (Kickstarter, timed release where they only make the amount of orders, etc.) I think it's bogus. I'm probably in the minority on this.
  8. I was into that Bobby & Bonnie track but I didn't know anyone else following you guys at the time, compared to other revered Drive-Thru bands. Not a shot at the band.
  9. Where did it say Drive-Thru wouldn't do a second run? I'm also shocked that this sold out. I remember when this came out, and the response was mild.
  10. Hate to be "that guy" with a bump like this but has there been any update on this? I know the store page says "This PreOrder Item Is Expected To Ship This Winter."

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