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  1. Damn, I thought "Its All Happending" was the real title and I wondered if I should instantly love this band.
  2. I’ve seen it on Discogs but it’s $100+.
  3. I just want a color Embrace LP. Come on already!
  4. This all went down a couple of years ago I thought? I remember getting a form from eBay and being so bummed. Literally this entire conversation is like deja vu for me when I was scrambling on a bunch of forums regarding the paypal and ebay change. Actually, I think when that went down it was specific to Massachusetts. is this a federal thing now? Either way it sucks.
  5. Thank you for clarifying. I kept wondering "what the hell is that...a NAILS hoodie?"
  6. This is wild, I didn't expect to hear stories similar to my experience in a vinyl forum. My 3.5 year old is obsessed with Mystery and requests it daily. We've started to let the record play out and he asks the name of every song as it comes on and he seriously rocks out to it. He sings Mystery sometimes out of nowhere with no music going. When it IS playing he sings along and then roars like a dinosaur during "ALL THE MYSTERY!"
  7. This is a little strange though because I just bought the Turnstile bundle for this...so what happens if I want this too? Or a third release? I get multiple copies of magazines?
  8. Honestly this band was a fun break from typical screamo when it came out in like…2006? Also still very catchy to me.
  9. And fucking pricing up even more. The thing is with the holidays around the corner I can see someone asking for/getting these things as gifts easy. Easy price point of $20.

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