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  1. Someone needs to make a Thrasher Skate and Destroy (PS1) bootleg.
  2. Wolf Whistle - Present Disturbance 7” test press and /100 variant raffle.
  3. Delayed but up http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/666931-cassino-sounds-of-salvation?view=f20016
  4. Honestly, this is a valid argument. I despise when labels do that also though for the record. I guess the way this was rolled out was just whacky since it was essentially backwards compared to the way labels normally do it.
  5. I absolutely disagree. They’re essentially baking in extra profit by adding an item most don’t want. They could’ve just put the record up alone for $65 shipped and it would’ve sold out. I had no doubt it would. Just because an item that’s very in demand sells out doesn’t automatically mean the business is absolved of shady practices. They artificially inflated the price/profits by adding a T-shirt that cost probably $7 (I’m totally guessing...never printed ringer shirts before) to make.
  6. What a scam. Forcing the people that missed this initially and have been waiting months for an update on this final variant to buy a t-shirt in order to get it. Horrible business practices.
  7. If anyone has an extra dissolve variant, I’m interested.
  8. That link didn’t work for me but this did: https://m.facebook.com/#!/CassinoMusic/photos/a.439039262003/10159167434832004/?type=3&source=48
  9. They just aren't nearly as good since the Ducktails dude left/got kicked out. I really don't care for this song or their last album but this video is WHACKY.
  10. This compilation was huge for me growing up. Holds a special place in my heart. I'm seriously crushed i missed this. If anyone has an extra or is backing out please hit me up.
  11. Just bought a record off me. Address seemed familiar but couldn’t put my finger on it until I was at the post office (he actually paid). I remembered when I got back home and googled it. Sure enough it matches with this thread. He used to screw me over on eBay. Anyway...here’s another account with a bunch of unpaid claims.
  12. https://shop.rarariot.com/113078/The-Rhumb-Line-10-Year-Anniversary-Deluxe-Vinyl-Reissue-Music This hand numbered version is available exclusively from the band and is a limited edition of 500. Gatefold double LP with exclusive opaque blue and gold colored vinyl and 11 bonus tracks. We will be including relics from the original release in random packages. With your purchase, you have a chance to also receive an autographed original "Dying Is Fine" 7" or CD single or 2008 tour laminate. Track List LP One: Ghost Under Rocks Each Year St. Peter’s Day Festival Winter ‘05 Dying Is Fine Can You Tell Too Too Too Fast Oh, La Suspended In Gaffa Run My Mouth LP Two: St. Peter's Day Festival (Daytrotter Session October 15, 2007) * Each Year (Alternate I419 Mix) Can You Tell (My Name Is Wesley Demo) Too Too Too Fast (My Name is Wesley Demo) Winter '05 (Early Tape Demo) Oh, La (Daytrotter Session September 15, 2008) * Dying Is Fine (Live at Pianos, August 26, 2006) Suspended in Gaffa (Live at The Bowery Ballroom, March 7, 2008) Run My Mouth (Live at The Echo, September 25, 2008) Ghost Under Rocks (Live at The Echo, September 25, 2008) Hounds of Love (Live at The Echo, September 25, 2008) All tracks on LP Two are Previously Unreleased except * Denotes Previously Released This item is on pre-sale with an estimated ship date of 08/13/2018.