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  1. I sprung for the blankie and record 👀 Side note: My orange and red have shipped.
  2. Feel free to grab me some Carpet collab and I'll get you some dough.
  3. Mine seriously sounded so bad and I normally don’t complain. Static and/or sibilance the entire time.
  4. What’s the deal with Vagrant shipping prices? $15 to ship 3 records to Massachusetts?
  5. Tomorrow (8/6) @ 12 EST https://instagram.com/stories/turnstileluvconnection/2633953360594544288?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. Hmmm so yes technically gold AND platinum for 2012. I’d contact for a refund.
  7. How is he shipping to the UK for $15? Must be taking a loss there. I thought it was roughly ~$23. Solid on his part.
  8. It’s definitely an off choice but I actually liked that one… couldn’t turn down the red haha.
  9. I’ve literally never commented on a corner ding (or split seam for that matter…just touch it up with some Elmers glue) before. Pretty presumptuous to assume I’m complaining about a small ding. It looks like each corner was pushed in like an accordion.
  10. Anybody else have them arrive absolutely wrecked? Mine just got here because I ordered each release and all of them have a severely smushed corner.
  11. My favorite was when someone cut eye holes in it and wore it as a mask. Top notch shit posting.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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