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  1. I asked for a refund from Merchbar because they couldn't give me any details on it. I did not want another copy of the bootleg.
  2. I don't know if anyone wants this but BandBox is putting up a limited restock of their Illusion of Safety variant that comes with the zine. https://bandboxrocks.com/products/thrice
  3. Worms of the Earth (remix) was on this 7" (part of a 7" set - that fit in a gatefold sleeve) "Bitemarks and Bloodstains" https://www.discogs.com/release/3153470-Finch-Bitemarks-And-Bloodstains
  4. Did anybody have trouble ordering from their site? Is the site stable will I have any trouble ordering the 2 Finch variants?
  5. Finch is the one I wanted. Now I wish I bought that box set.
  6. I think Discogs had one (along with other proprietary databases) i.e. Filmogs, Gearogs, Bookogs, Posterogs etc. But Discogs killed all of the extra sites (because they were hemorrhaging money) and the various databases had their fans and were being massively supported. I was really heavily into scanning and adding films to Filmogs. Which is a shame because there really isn't any kind of Discogs-like databases for film and all of its formats.
  7. So "standard presses" will be offered seperately later?
  8. Sub Pop is reissuing Hot Hot Heat's Debut Album for it's 20th anniversary. This release include two B-sides: Apt. 101 and Move On. https://megamart.subpop.com/products/hot-hot-heat_make-up-the-breakdown-deluxe-remastered
  9. It looks like Parting Gift Records will be pressing New Found Glory's "Coming Home" album. The second video of their story shows a record playing "Hold My Hand" with a 2 days countdown with a 'PGR015' https://www.instagram.com/partinggiftrecords/
  10. I think bubble mailers would be fine just be sure to wrap each tape thoroughly with bubble wrap and backing cardboard on the front and back of the case so the cases don't get cracked in transit.
  11. New "I Am The Movie" variant up at Newbury Comics - pretty cool variant. But it comes out to $40 with shipping and tax in the US. https://www.newburycomics.com/products/motion_city_soundtrack-i_am_the_movie_exclusive_lp?variant=41767227654324

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