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  1. post your set-up thread

    Thanks, yeah maybe, I'll take a look and see if I can adjust it. But, its really about how it sounds right?
  2. post your set-up thread

    Different colour, no idea why, doesn't bother me so much..
  3. post your set-up thread

    Updates to my set-up: Got a really good deal on these Rotel seperates, my Cambridge Audio amp was having issues with the phono stage, was told by the repair guy it would be out of action for a couple of weeks. No record playing for at least 2 weeks?! Not this kid, dropped in at a couple of hi-fi places on my way home that day and saw this lot for a really nice price, we're talking around 50% off. Had a listen and thought yep, I'll take that. All brand new.. Rotel RCD-630 CD Player. Rotel RA-630 Integrated Amplifier. Rotel RT-12 Digital Gateway. It's not a massive leap in sound from my previous set-up, but it is a noticeable step up and seems to be getting better the more I play things. Nice to have a CD player again after years without, I would never have brought one if it wasn't such a good deal and its been fun playing a few of my old discs that I don't have on vinyl. The RT-12 is for radio and internet radio, probably won't use it too often, but as I said it was a bargain, possibly might sell. I mostly play vinyl and its sounding great in that regard. I know I'm not supposed to stack things, but I'm a little short on space, everything seems to be working fine and no over heating issues, plus I have it all connected to a decent 'Monster Power" surge protector. I'll possibly get a proper rack system for it in the near future.
  4. Super sexy set-up, gotta love that McIntosh gear, listened to some in store while in Australia recently and it sounded sublime...
  5. post your set-up thread

    Wow, thats some great info, thanks Allen. I'll do some research on those brands you've mentioned, a lot to take in, but thats part of the fun right, checking out different gear and seeing what suits you the most. Also, I've moved the amp to the other end of the shelf so I shouldn't have any issues with electrical hum now. Pleased with how its all sounding for now. Nice one!
  6. post your set-up thread

    Thanks Allen for the advice, any brands you can recommend, will probably stay British as you said and most likely will buy brand new, but probably won't be getting them for about a year after this latest spend up. Question regarding having the turntable on the same shelf as the amp, is that not ok? I thought it was more like don't have the turntable and speakers on the same surface because of vibration. There doesn't seem to be any issues with the sound currently. I could move the amp to the other end of the shelf if that would help.. Thanks again.
  7. I was lucky enough to get the last Expedit shelves from the supplier I know, (they only do Kallax now) so I have two of these units, plus a smaller 2x2 for when the collection grows bigger. 650 records so far..
  8. post your set-up thread

    So, I've had a bit of a swap around and added some new gear, basically splitting up what I had so I have two set-ups, one for listening (mostly vinyl) and one for TV (movies, sports etc)... Music set-up: Rega RP3 with Elys Blue cartridge Cambridge Audio Topaz SR20 Monitor Audio Bronze 5's Added new shelving for records here.. Then for my TV set-up: Samsung 50" UHD 4K TV Yamaha RX-V481 Klipsch RP-150M's Apple TV The guy in-store said the Klipsch speakers will need around 100 hours of play before they burn in properly. The plan is to eventually get rid of the Cambridge amp and purchase proper pre and power amp's for the vinyl set-up. Any suggestions on what to buy for this are welcome, I'm a tradesman by profession, so by no means a rich man! Cheers, H.
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    Original from 1978.
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    Original from 1977.
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    Very happy to find this rare gem in the wild...
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    Second-hand: 2002 Original. Second-hand: 1995 Original. Both in NM condition...
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    Second-hand: Reissue from 1981.
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    Second-hand: Underworld - A Hundred Days Off. Original from 2002.