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  1. How dare you ask that a label do anything right, be like dave grohl and get butt pumped.
  2. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    noooooooooooooothen all my powers will be lost.
  3. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    no it's a kiwi, get it straight.
  4. More back up on Kings Road Merch!!!!!!!!
  5. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    people are still talking about this band. How many times do they have to "save" rock music....snoooooooooooooooooze.
  6. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    thanks dude, its fun as hell!!!!!
  7. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    I thought you like eating dick
  8. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    What might I be grasping at, you're a simpleton.
  9. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    my general opinion about VCF is it's a bunch of tools that have been collecting since the "vinyl boom" of the 2000's, who are more concerned with colorway than quality from the labels. Looks at the threads, awful bands, from awful labels for the most part. RSD gets a zillion comments. I don't think everyone here fits that bill, but the majority does. If I hadn't been waiting a couple months already for this I wouldn't have cared as much. But its the rug being pulled at the last minute. I waited years in hopes for a faith no more lp, I order it, waited and was told Id have to wait longer b/c the pressing was messed up. Instead of sending fans garbage they made the plant repress. I had no issue waiting another few months. When a label is shorted on a major release, they should refuse the order until it filled correctly. But thanks to the glut of garbage on RSD, this will happen more and more. But who cares right? I'm just douche complaining, or maybe I'm someone who used to work with labels and knows the right way to conduct business and the wrong way. Again, pros for Nothing to get the people who were affected a nice option. There is a reason they were not going to continue with Relapse.
  10. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    Exactly. These other knuckleheads that live on this board act like their panties aren't in a bunch when they dont get what they want. esp RSD.....Oh the tears flow then like crazy.
  11. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    I hate fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    hahahaha. you can name call all you want. I bitched and got something good out of the deal. Plus knowing the band gives a shit if people were shorted or not means something. I know this forum is filled with RSD fanatics, eBay flippers and terrible taste so it makes no difference to me. Seeing as how I post once a year here, you retorts mean very little. Now hurry and pre-order that new Thrice LP.
  13. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    yes, more or less.
  14. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    Hence, my point.
  15. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    And I was being sarcastic about thanking me, but when you idolize Dave Grohl, it outta tell you something. Hence why I thanked the band for helping.