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  1. UK folk, if you’re like me and want everything here but panicked at the beefy $70 shipping, these are all available to preorder on Amazon UK with a release date of February 7th.
  2. VMP's Art Director (Clay Conder) saying he thinks the vinyl is only through Chance's site.
  3. Looks like we're finally getting official pressings of everything boys
  4. Just got an email from Rough Trade to say UK allocation has been cut for every shop but that RT plan to make up the shortage in copies from their NY shop.
  5. Man I wish I had whoever handled your complaint.. I had to go through 3 advisors and even show them this thread before they reluctantly gave me a fiver credit. Gutted when I saw the cancellation email.
  6. Yeah same. It's probably gonna get caught up in customs so I plan to just let it rot there and let them return it to sender.
  7. Yeah I got my shipping notice yesterday morning after opening the case yet woke up to an email this morning saying they accepted my case for a full refund so don’t give up.
  8. Yeah I opened a PayPal dispute yesterday, quoting not even getting so much as a shipping notification, and funnily enough I got a dispatch note this morning.. If it makes it through customs alright I'll just accept it but if there's a customs fee I'm gonna let it sit there and be returned to sender. Yeah some folk have bought it from Amazon and posted pictures. General consensus is the only pressing is clear, no black or any other variant.
  9. As an international customer I'm pissed, yeah. The $25/£20 I paid just for the shipping to the UK is how much it now costs to buy the exact same version from Amazon. With free shipping, quicker delivery, no customs fees, etc. I normally don't mind paying more and supporting an artist directly (and if it was a separate/webstore variant I'd have no problem at all) but when the vinyl is put up for sale on your site with other '24 hour only' merch that's already sold out and is the only place to get it at the time - giving it the perception of being limited - yet it turns out Amazon/virtually every music retailer are stocking the exact same pressing at a fraction of the price with significantly great convenience, it's pretty annoying. I haven't even got a shipping notification.
  10. Case/Lang/Veirs £9.94 Master P - Ghetto D £5.67 clipping. - Splendor & Misery (Loser Edition) £11.97 And, since it is the season: Elvis Presley - Christmas with Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra £9.99
  11. Emailed them about it the other day and it would appear even they don't have any leads on it at the minute.