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    Give him a break, he lives in California.
  2. Bump. Please buy this book. I have two, thanks to Christmas.
  3. Hi, sorry if this is the wrong area to post this, I'm looking to buy a CD potentially but I'm also just interested in a good quality set of MP3s. Sicker Than Others is a band featuring members of Staring Back; they released one CD in 2006 called "Honestly". I've searched the ends of the earth and haven't been able to find anything better than some 192k mp3s. It's a Jawbreaker Dear You-esque sound. Anyone located in California with ties to Versus the World or Staring Back? Cheers, napalm
  4. Looking to sell the following. Please send offers. Shipping = $3 in USA for anything, International case-by-case. Feel free to ask questions. Face To Face - "25 Years Of SoCal Punk" - $40, free shipping - (Coffee Table Picture Book + "Self-Determined" Flexi Disc) (new/mint) Atlas Losing Grip - State Of Unrest - $50 - Test Press - (1 of 10 on Creator-Destructor Records. Album was never actually pressed.) Heartsounds - Dualistic Nihilist - $10 - Black With Splatter (New, opened) Lipona - Networks - ~$15 - Test Press (1 of ? on DisconnectDisconnect Records) Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are? The Complete Collection - $15 - Transparent Orange (2x12") (played once) The 101s - Counterbalance - $10 - Gold (New, opened) V/A - Fest Music For Fest People VII (Fat Wreck Chords) 10" Unopened/Mint - $10 (or $5 with any other purchase.) Sold: Bodyjar - Role Model - $20 - Blue With Black - (New, opened) MxPx - Teenage Politics - $40 - "Dark" Blue (Tooth & Nail Records 1995) (very good +)
  6. WTB Thrice - Beggars

    The prices that Beggars / MajorMinor still trade at are crazy. Someday I hope to find both of these for a non-stupid amount of money as well! Good luck.
  7. FS: spare copy of Bodyjar - Role Model LP

    It's very uptempo and I think the melodies are just as catchy if not more than Plastic Skies. Their self-titled Album in '05 slowed down a bit, but this one goes back to their old ways. Maybe check it out on Spotify? PS if someone is interested, please PM me. I get an email notification that way, so I won't miss it.
  8. Hi there, is anyone interested in a copy of this album? I don't need two. I have one that is "Black in Electric Blue" (unopened), and one "Electric Blue With Orange Crush" opened, played once, very good + condition. Either one is yours for $29 shipping included (if you live in the USA.) Cheers.
  9. FS: Punk 12" (Thrice, Mute) A couple left.

    PS I'm a grad student at the moment and school just started. Sorry for delays on responding. The list in the OP has been updated.
  10. FS: Punk 12" (Thrice, Mute) A couple left.

    Hi there, I actually do still have that record. Unfortunately because US Postal Service costs are a nightmare, the cheapest method of shipping to the UK will be $22.50 USD. It will include limited track & trace. Your grand total would be $47.50 (approximately 37 GBP). Let me know if you're interested, I understand if not.
  11. Can you confirm this one? This is the self-titled album as seen here? https://www.discogs.com/God-Is-An-Astronaut-God-Is-An-Astronaut/master/114270 Discogs doesn't mention a clear version. Has it just flown under the radar?
  12. FS: Melodic punk records

    I have a few spare records that I'd like to turn into cash for others. Will make deals for an order of multiples. $3 shipping to USA. Versus The World - Homesick/Roadsick [Clear with blue splatter; European press] - $8 Thrice - Artist In The Ambulance [2xLP Clear, red cover] - $60 Mute - The Raven [Black 180g; Canadian press, + 2 Mute stickers] - $25 The Gamits - Endorsed By You [Black, first press] - $50 Sum 41 - Chuck [Black, original press] - $30 The Arteries - Dead Sea [Mint colored] - $8 Face to Face - Face To Face (Self-Titled) [Original 1996 pressing; very used condition. Selling for cheap price; pics/info upon request.] - $8 Face to Face - Face To Face (Self-Titled) [2016 remastered bonus tracks repress, black] - $12 The Fullblast - Short Controlled Bursts + Contagious Movement Theory [2xLP black original press; sleeve EX, records VG, played multiple times) - $80 Donots - Amplify The Good Times [Gold; European press] $10
  13. Please PM me with a price, or whether you want me to make the first offer. Willing to pay fairly. Thanks!