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  1. Looking to sell the following. Please send offers. Shipping = $3 in USA for unlimited LPs, International case-by-case. Atlas Losing Grip - State Of Unrest - ~$75 - Test Press - (1 of 10 on Creator-Destructor Records. Album was never actually pressed.) Bodyjar - Role Model - $20 - Blue With Black - (New, opened) [Sale Pending] Heartsounds - Dualistic Nihilist - $15 - Black With Splatter (New, opened) Lipona - Networks - ~$20 - Test Press (1 of ? on DisconnectDisconnect Records) MxPx - Teenage Politics - $40 - "Dark" Blue (Tooth & Nail Records 1995) (very good +) [Sale Pending] One Hidden Frame - Giant Steps - $10 - Blue (very good +) Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are? The Complete Collection - $20 - Transparent Orange (2x12") (played once) The 101s - Counterbalance - $15 - Gold (New, opened) The Gamits - Endorsed By You - $40 - Black (Very good+)
  3. WTB Thrice - Beggars

    The prices that Beggars / MajorMinor still trade at are crazy. Someday I hope to find both of these for a non-stupid amount of money as well! Good luck.
  4. FS: spare copy of Bodyjar - Role Model LP

    It's very uptempo and I think the melodies are just as catchy if not more than Plastic Skies. Their self-titled Album in '05 slowed down a bit, but this one goes back to their old ways. Maybe check it out on Spotify? PS if someone is interested, please PM me. I get an email notification that way, so I won't miss it.
  5. Hi there, is anyone interested in a copy of this album? I don't need two. I have one that is "Black in Electric Blue" (unopened), and one "Electric Blue With Orange Crush" opened, played once, very good + condition. Either one is yours for $29 shipping included (if you live in the USA.) Cheers.
  6. FS: Punk 12" (Thrice, Mute) A couple left.

    PS I'm a grad student at the moment and school just started. Sorry for delays on responding. The list in the OP has been updated.
  7. FS: Punk 12" (Thrice, Mute) A couple left.

    Hi there, I actually do still have that record. Unfortunately because US Postal Service costs are a nightmare, the cheapest method of shipping to the UK will be $22.50 USD. It will include limited track & trace. Your grand total would be $47.50 (approximately 37 GBP). Let me know if you're interested, I understand if not.
  8. Can you confirm this one? This is the self-titled album as seen here? https://www.discogs.com/God-Is-An-Astronaut-God-Is-An-Astronaut/master/114270 Discogs doesn't mention a clear version. Has it just flown under the radar?
  9. FS: Melodic punk records

    I have a few spare records that I'd like to turn into cash for others. Will make deals for an order of multiples. $3 shipping to USA. Versus The World - Homesick/Roadsick [Clear with blue splatter; European press] - $8 Thrice - Artist In The Ambulance [2xLP Clear, red cover] - $60 Mute - The Raven [Black 180g; Canadian press, + 2 Mute stickers] - $25 The Gamits - Endorsed By You [Black, first press] - $50 Sum 41 - Chuck [Black, original press] - $30 The Arteries - Dead Sea [Mint colored] - $8 Face to Face - Face To Face (Self-Titled) [Original 1996 pressing; very used condition. Selling for cheap price; pics/info upon request.] - $8 Face to Face - Face To Face (Self-Titled) [2016 remastered bonus tracks repress, black] - $12 The Fullblast - Short Controlled Bursts + Contagious Movement Theory [2xLP black original press; sleeve EX, records VG, played multiple times) - $80 Donots - Amplify The Good Times [Gold; European press] $10
  10. Please PM me with a price, or whether you want me to make the first offer. Willing to pay fairly. Thanks!
  11. Red preferred, black cool too. Cheers.
  12. Free shipping to USA. All records in very good condition unless otherwise noted. Counterpunch - Bruises (12" red/orange splatter, signed), near mint, $25 Lipona - Networks (12" Test Press) Near mint, $15 Thrice - Artist In The Ambulance (2x12", Clear) Near mint $40 Mute - The Raven (12" black) Mint, $25 Ignite - A War Against You (12" trans orange) $20 Donots - Amplify The Good Times (12" gold / tan) $15 Face To Face - S/T (Original Pressing, black) [*acceptable condition] $10 Frenzal Rhomb - Smoko At The Pet Food Factory (Black) $70 Mad Caddies - Just One More (12" black) $70 No Use For A Name - Leche Con Carne (12" Grey) $70 Sum 41 - Chuck [12", black, original pressing] - $40 Boxcar Racer - S/T [red/black splatter on clear] - $40 I'll consider offers + discounts if you order multiple. Cheers.
  13. Want to buy (please make me an offer): The Living End - Roll On Atlas Losing Grip - State Of Unrest (red) For sale: Ignite - A War Against You (Trans Orange, like new condition) $20 NUFAN - All The Best Songs (2xLP brown, blue, like new condition) $60 Counterpunch - Bruises (orange splatter, signed by band, like new condition) $25 Donots - Amplify The Good Times (Gold, European pressing, very good condition) $15 Face To Face - S/T $15 OBO (original pressing, but not in great condition. Lots of minor shelf wear around the sleeve, coffee stains on front and back like someone set a mug down on it. Definitely a "well aged" sleeve. The record could use a dusting and has fingerprints etc, but plays fine. Offering at a fair price because I'd rather someone enjoy it than it go to waste. Can send photos if interested.)