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  1. Hey guys I'm on the look out for some of the following colored pressings from fat wreck chords. If you have any youre looking to get rid of hit my up. I've got PayPal in hand and ready to buy. I can buy in bulk. Don't forget to comment first. Thanks in advance Old markley- guys n teeth purple Good riddance- A Comprehensive Guide To Moderne Rebellion orange Good riddance -operation phoenix white The flatliners- great awake green or amber The flatliners- Cavalcade blue or yellow Only crime- to the nines red Only crime- virulence tan Swinging utters- poorly formed tan None more black - icons teal American steel - destroy their future white Lagwagon- let's talk about leftovers yellow Night birds - The Other Side Of Darkness ltd numbered Mad caddies- duck and cover. Green Mad caddies- keep it going gold Mfatgg- have a ball tan Mfatgg- are a drag green
  2. Does anyone know what's going on with it? It's been down for over a week
  3. I passed on this and I'm regretting it. If someone wants to get rid of theirs I'm offering $50 shipped. Hit me up if interested
  4. Hey I'm looking to buy this set for $90-$100 USD if anyone is interested in selling
  5. Is it because of the speed or arm length or what? Thanks
  6. Ouch $25 shipping to us. Any one else see a copy Thanks for checking though
  7. Anyone see the gorillaz the fall online? I had it in cart on 1234go. It was gone before I could finish checking out
  8. Can someone grab me a copy of hillbillies in hell 8? I need it to keep my set current. I'll pay extra for the trouble