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  1. Is it because of the speed or arm length or what? Thanks
  2. Ouch $25 shipping to us. Any one else see a copy Thanks for checking though
  3. Anyone see the gorillaz the fall online? I had it in cart on 1234go. It was gone before I could finish checking out
  4. Can someone grab me a copy of hillbillies in hell 8? I need it to keep my set current. I'll pay extra for the trouble
  5. It looks like it is sold out just reg version available
  6. I just realized I never got mine from interpunk. Is there any place that still has us indie variant? Thanks
  7. Do you know if bullmoose will be putting up more as well
  8. Thanks for heads up. I got it for same price but it's oos. Hopefully it should get fullfilled soon