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  1. Do you know if bullmoose will be putting up more as well
  2. Thanks for heads up. I got it for same price but it's oos. Hopefully it should get fullfilled soon
  3. Dang if I hadn't spent so much money today I'd be all over this
  4. I'm looking to buy some faith no more albums The real thing green viny Angel dust blue vinyl King for a day red vinyl Pm me if you want to sell thanks
  5. I'm looking for the following. If you have any to sell hit me up with the prices shipped to US. Thanks Have a ball - tan Have another ball - blue Love their county - yellow Ruin johnnys bar mitzvah - red Are a drag - green Are we not men we are diva - pink or silver
  6. I sold the rest of the bundle. If interested $15 shipped in Us. Hit me up
  7. I'm selling these 3 as a bundle for $50. I dont think I'll ever spin these. All 3 are the vmp rhh sub versions and brand new and never been played Hit me up if interested
  8. This will be the 2nd vault I get. The first was icky thump This is incredible
  9. I've got this in mint condition. Hit me up if you want to make a deal I'm looking for the following Me first gimmies love country yellow Dead to me. Cuban ballerina clear Misfits static age. Yellow or red Gorillaz. The fall. Or singles collection 2pac greatest hits Viktor Vaughn Aggrolites. S/t Slackers. Question the answers Clash box set singles White stripes s/t red Racounters broken boy soldiers copper Or possibly other trades or PayPal
  10. Is there a place where you can get all the Kanye produced albums in one place to save on shipping? Daytona Ye Kids see ghost Nasir