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  1. Price on rise Against??
  2. Message me your PayPal info, I'll take that My Iron Lung 7" right now!
  3. Selling my test press of Augment by ERRA. Limited to ten copies Asking $85 shipped/PPD or I'm open to offers! Can get it signed by current members on March 5th when I see them on the Sumerian 10 Year Tour of the buyer wants me to do that.
  4. What color is When Broken Is Easily Fixed??
  5. I would gladly buy the Silverstein 7", I'm not a fan of Bayside..
  6. How much for both Senses Fail and Suburbia??
  7. I'll take that Gas light Anthem off your hands lol
  8. Yeah, he sold it to me. Paid $120 for it a few months ago or maybe it's been a year already.
  9. How much for I'll be the tornado?
  10. I'd like to nominate MichaelGAab!!!! I confused what day RSD was and asked for the wrong day off of work he snagged me Shallow Believer by The Used and The Eco-Terrorist In Me by Rise Against awesome dude!
  11. How much for Dance Gavin Dance, Rise Against and Make Do and Mend??
  12. Still selling Reanimation?
  13. There's a bunch of Hands like Houses right now on ebay, pricey.