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  1. My local had about 20 of the signed vinyl copies. That tells me there will be a ton of them out there. (I am not Swift person, left it behind for others)
  2. Numero is great, but you can get the Council version direct from the source: https://councilrecords.com/merch/current-yesterdays-tomorrow-is-not-today-3xlp-boxset
  3. The set is nice and significant. I consider it worth the price. VC remains one of the most user-unfriendly sites to post pictures to. I'd be happy to share a couple but don't have the time to deal with this interface to do so unfortunately.
  4. I forgot I ordered the Escape From The Zoo record - it is actually a really fun listen. This time around I'm glad my impulse buy worked out.
  5. Did they do anything after the 1999 album on Theologian? This feels random but I'm in.
  6. Got Ramones and Kittie. The latter was an impulse buy. The former confirms my neurosis since I own all the originals but wanted the book and extra lp. My local had some good leftovers but nothing that I think folks here are looking for. I'm hoping Handsome Boy Modeling School kicks around a bit - album holds up.
  7. I went to buy this a couple days ago but couldn't find it in a US distro/store. If anyone has a lead stateside I'd be in.
  8. I was disappointed when I missed the Guns 10" last time. Thanks. Got the Last Gang lp yesterday - it's rock solid.
  9. I ordered it but the track breakdown on the 4xLP is a bit silly. It was the price that dragged me in. They have their own 2xLP version /4000. I imagine the indie exclusive is more than that and big retailers have already sold out. They blew up very fast.
  10. Loved the first LP. New album is up for pre-order today. Rough Trade already sold out there indie version alotment but the band has that version and a few others: https://blackcountrynewroad.bandcamp.com/album/ants-from-up-there Also, repress of "For The First Time" is up as well.
  11. What label are they with currently? I wasn't in love with the last album but dig their body of work and will be in on a new album.
  12. I had a great day of Garage sales and flea markets. - Non Jazz: Scientists, Zombies, Damned, Ultravox, Lou Reed albums. - Jazz: (all mint vinyl, most covers still in shrink) Coltrane - Favorite Thing (1973) and Live at Village Vanguard (1980 MCA) Tyner - Enlightenment, Echoes, Expansions Lou Donaldson +3 (1970 pressing) Shorter - Speak No Evil - Mint DMM pressing Sun Ra - live at Montreaux Hubbard "breaking point" (1973 pressing) Horace Silver "doin the thing..." (1973) Jimmy Smith "The Cat" (huge soft spot for this record)
  13. Anyone catch that the version of Black Is... was an error and is pulled from TTL's site? Apparently they are sending new ones out but that Side B and Side D on that version were both actually Side B. I have it in the cue to spin and haven't gotten there so I hadn't discovered it myself yet.
  14. I'm not interested in this but End Hits has been a stellar company. They tend to do packages and individuals of releases. They also have a US distro deal with Deathwish - so if you are passing on this, I'd keep an eye out for Deathwish to have some in the states for domestic shipping.

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