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  1. Missed the PO. Sitting up late working right now, this thread got me in. Thank you.
  2. Do you know release date on those? I'll make a point of checking in on/around then.
  3. I woke up this morning thinking "I forgot to buy those Zia variants." Weird how it popped in my head out of nowhere. If anyone has buyers remorse, extras etc - I have cash and/or trade. I wish this hadn't slipped.
  4. I was 100% out for Saturday but now I want to find a copy of Tropics by June of 44. Every time I think I'm out, I get dragged back in.
  5. Set an alarm to get up for this pre-order. A nasty storm rolled through and I was out with the Volunteer Fire Dept responding for hours to all sorts of calls. By the time I had the chance to chill and check in on this it was gone. Second press I suppose.
  6. Got the Better Than A Thousand discography. Have yet to spin it but it is a beautiful package - figured I'd post because I'm really damn impressed with what was done here. The zine they created is a bonus. Really well done.
  7. Didn't Graves have a website called ConservativePunk? He's always been a loser. Never hated his voice but his stage presence was so annoying - he moved like a poorly made knockoff muppet.
  8. Ordered this. I haven't enjoyed the last couple of albums as a whole but I've liked every song dropped for this so far. Looking forward to it.
  9. I'm looking for Lungfish vinyl. A lifetime ago I gifted the couple I owned to a friend. I don't regret it, they were in a bad spot and it made them happy. But now I wish I had a couple of their albums to spin. I don't have a trade list but can work with anyone if they prefer trades. References available upon request. Help me out.
  10. Got the Bad Cop lp today. Solid. Nice vinyl. Not sure it is something I need to keep. If anyone has a recent Fat Color release they want to swap 1:1 for this, hit me up. I missed a few things in the past couple of years. Not looking to discuss perceived value - just an easy trade among fans.
  11. I signed up for Secretly Society for the first time recently to get the Molina release. Did 3 months. At $20/month inclusive of shipping, along with the right to skip a release if you want, it's a really good deal. I'm not a bright eyes fan but a 2xLP shipped as part of this gives me a reason to give a fresh listen to them. I guess my point is I'm impressed. Not a fan of subscriptions but this is working. If you want that variant, sign up. Anyone check out that Porridge Radio album? I like the single I heard but have been hesitating to order it.
  12. Curious: I joined Secretly Canadian's - Secretly Society for the first time to get the new Molina album. Do they always have an exclusive Society version? I don't see one on there for Punisher but am wondering if it still might be coming. Thanks in advance to those that can offer insight.
  13. I feel old since all the reissues of the past couple of years came out when I was in high school and seeing these bands on the regular. Plus, nostalgia is a bitch so I'm buying. Also, why can't Fat put up a couple things at once instead of one at a time? I'm sure someone here has the answer.
  14. I'll wait for Rev. This is really only two originals if I recall correctly. Love this band but overseas shipping...