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  1. I didn't subscribe. I'm pretty done with any subscription that isn't Secretly Canadian or Third Man. Rough Trade customer service is actually very good. However, I've noticed they've been overselling their pre-order exclusives and cancelling orders more and more often - no explanation and I'm done with their exclusives if I can get them somewhere else. Want another indication of their direction? Has anyone visited their store in Rockefeller Center? I can't help but wonder what their long term plans are but that shop went from a great one in Brooklyn to a truly terrible one in Man
  2. While most of my 7"s are from pre-2001, I do not. There are some peppered in from bands I continued to follow like Hot Water Music and some random stuff. But most of it is from my high school and college days. I have some heavy hitters in there that I won't part with - Early Revelation and NYHC was a passion of mine that I still spin regularly. I still haven't had time to start sorting through though. I have always prided myself on the notion that my records are not a museum piece - I play 100% of what I buy (though I impulse buy often and sell things a few months later). So, having a few sol
  3. I really liked the last Clowns LP, but I know I'll spin this a couple times and shelve it. Looking forward to a new album and I hope this is a sign that one is on the way. Anyone know if there are plans for one?
  4. Showed up today. Forgot I ordered it. Absolute impulse buy. If I recall, it was selling fast and I was firmly on the fence. Plan to give it a couple spins though since it's here. Nice package etc.
  5. I'd consider letting this one go. I'm laid up and can't even get into the other room to look at it. Hit me with a PM, if in a couple weeks you are still looking we can talk. Good luck.
  6. I'm good now. Got Miles Davis "Champions" as well. That album is amazing and the recent Miles rsd issues have been stellar. I'm unable to move, so it was cool to shop from home today. Not sure this is still in the interest of physical stores despite being convenient for me today. I hope it takes a step back, my local shop has had a very hard time getting inventory despite there being fewer stores in the area.
  7. I'm looking for a copy of from FFTL. If any old-heads on here can give an old man an assist, it would be appreciated.
  8. Shopping from bed today due to surgery - have one question to save me time: Did From First To Last come out? Or is it delayed? Got the only other thing I was seeking. Thanks.
  9. Pretty sure Juan was declared permanent Collector of the Month. He gives two shits less about your Lucero records. It's all Taylor and Converge.
  10. Got the latest WBC XX vault. One of the nicest, most unique releases they've done yet. Will I spin it much? I'm not sure. Therein lies the rub. However, they always deliver on their vault packages and it feels like they upped their game on this one yet again.
  11. I guess I just don't see it as the end of the world. I plan to end my correspondence with them on it. I re-read the original post/ad and it is confusing. This is why bullet points are useful.
  12. I sent Steadfast a note since they did the shipping to me. Apparently the Band Variant does not get the cover.
  13. I sent Steadfast a note since they did the shipping to me. Let's see what comes of it. Since they exist, it is likely just an error.

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