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  1. Gonna give this a bump. Still looking. I'm also looking for a couple Direct Hit lps.
  2. The players on that album tell me it's worthwhile. Shorter is glue. I'm not that knowledgable but in my limited experience, Jones is my favorite drummer after Blakey. I really like Asante - it is different, it's surprising. This track is terrific. I'll have to look for a copy.
  3. The upcoming Mobley reissue is essential. Looking forward to it. I slept on the Grant Green "Nigeria" Tone Poet. I'd love to find a trade on that one. I came into a copy of "Solid" not long ago. Best $10 I've spent on a piece of vinyl in months. I really liked the Miles Davis "Bitches Brew" rsd collection and am looking forward to the Jack Johnson collection coming in July. I spent a lot of time with jazz during covid. Found my way into a few cool albums (Any of you ever listened to McCoy Tyner's "Asante" - a pal pulled it for me and it just shows the dep
  4. Question: The XX companion looks cool - think they'll do a straight anniversary pressing of the actual album? I was on hiatus from buying when the last XX came out.
  5. Funny, this is my favorite list in a while. Looking for Ihsahn, Sigh, The Miles Davis Jack Johnson outtake (they killed it with the Bitches Brew release), and I'll be in for that Fear reissue since my copy is ready to give up the ghost.
  6. I went in via Secretly and my account. I got an extra as I figured this would be a nightmare to folks. If you've traded with me in the past - hit me up. My cost + shipping.
  7. I got the RebUke 7". Forgot I ordered it. Played once. Honestly, I should have known it wasn't for me. 1. If anyone is interested in a trade, hit me up. 2. In a few days, I'll offer it for sale at my cost to someone who missed on it and is bummed. I'm still looking for some relatively recent Fat releases by Get Dead, Direct Hit, and Make War. I have other stuff to trade and cash as well. I also won't bog the thread down in trade/sale stuff - figured this is recent and someone might be interested if they missed it.
  8. That's a lot cheaper. I wonder if the Rough Trade is pricier due to the limited number? Or due to being an import? Either way, I grabbed it. I have Razorblades and Aspirin but I couldn't pass this up.
  9. /300 - jump to it. Best punk album of the 90s. https://www.roughtrade.com/us/leatherface/mush?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=ROUGH+TRADE+NEWS%3A+Most+Wanted+++Back+in+Stock%3A+Floating+Points+++Pharaoh+Sanders+%2B+Jungle%2C+Leon+Vynehall%2C+Snapped+Ankles%2C+Studio+One+Roots%2C+and+many+more&utm_campaign=US+-+3%2F30%2F21+-+Tuesday
  10. I grabbed this thinking it would sell. To go way back, I think either Suburban Home or Vinyl Collective released a B.A. album that is pretty sought after at this point.
  11. I've spent much of covid building my jazz collection. Those Punk Note versions spoke to me but I have my originals of all of these. I am really tempted, but do I really need variants? Glad Quickness is getting a repress. It's so good. I can't help but feel like if it didn't have "Don't Blow Bubbles" that it would be talked about similarly to the first two albums. Song was out of step at the time it was released, remains even more so today.
  12. thanks - I had sent an offer yesterday. He apparently sold to someone else. Still looking.
  13. Have copies on color - hit me up. I'm always fair. I can talk trade as well.
  14. Got the Get Dead lp and the NOFX 10" yesterday. Digging Get Dead as I write this.

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