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  1. thanks - I had sent an offer yesterday. He apparently sold to someone else. Still looking.
  2. Have copies on color - hit me up. I'm always fair. I can talk trade as well.
  3. Got the Get Dead lp and the NOFX 10" yesterday. Digging Get Dead as I write this.
  4. I suppose I'm the right person to answer the question. Sorry, I've been slammed with work. The recent Make War album on Fat on color. Happy to work a swap. It is the Fat 2020 release that I regretted missing. Thanks for the ask.
  5. With Appleseed Cast trending, and it being the time for giving, my gift is this bump.
  6. Pretty sure it also has a screened fold over for the cover. Still waiting on my Old Canes...
  7. I grabbed the NOFX 10". Happy to have it but would swap for the Make War lp if there is anyone on here looking for a trade.
  8. All - looking for an assist - anyone live near a Zia? I am still looking for Either/Or. I got the Basement when it briefly went back up. I'm pretty good at repaying favors (or simply saying thank you). Apparently Either/Or is in stock in many of their locations but its in-store only. Let me know and thanks in advance.
  9. I often forget that people buy 10 copies of one record and don't play any of them. However, I have no intention of ordering the kids off my lawn. Yeah, labels figured out long ago they'd make more money with variants. I know I'm old school - and at this point just plain old - but I'd rather have 10 different pieces of music than 10 copies of a single album. I should be more respectful however of the ol' motto: different strokes for different folks.
  10. Was walking past my local shop today. Popped in and saw the retail variant version. Figured I'd give the band a fresh listen after a long time off.
  11. Where this thread went in the past 24 hours is a throwback reminder of why I quit coming around for a long time. These aren't freaking pokemon cards.
  12. I once did a show with Sebastian Bach where I spent a few days at his house. THe artwork for Slave was painted by his Dad, David Bierk. His work was amazing. The original painting was hanging in the dining room and was huge - it didn't come close to all fitting on the cover. I stared at it for some time looking at all the detail. His dad was insanely talented.

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