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  1. Either these pressings are fairly limited or flippers are buying crazy multiples. Either way, that's wild.
  2. Probably trying to erase proof of it's existence before AFI gets wind of it. From what I understand they are pretty wild about their discography not getting repressed.
  3. Google search ftw https://www.newburycomics.com/products/fall_out_boy-take_this_to_your_grave_lp_color?variant=39647164563636
  4. Collectors gonna collect. Limited pressing amounts on the colored vinyl is a major factor on aftermarket prices as well.
  5. I’d wager a guess that about 50% of newer collectors are in it solely for the aesthetic, so yeah, the limited colors are definitely worth more to them.
  6. Still showing Sold Out for me, but since there’s no mention of a pressing amount (or even the word “limited”), they’re probably pressing a bunch.
  7. Yeah I had checked out the website. I was just curious if anyone here had first-hand experience purchasing from them.
  8. How are you guys finding the available ones? Just going through every listing and trying to add to cart?
  9. Hard bummer for the 120 folks who owned an OG pressing and didn't sell as soon as GJ announced the repress.
  10. Yeah either these are open preorder, or GJ is gonna have one hell of a multi-order mess on their hands.
  11. Wait, are these even selling out? Or are they literally offering 120 different color combos with an open pre-order?