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  1. I don't understand how those records are getting pressed .... Why hasn't anyone pressed Foxy Shazam's self titled record yet? There has to be a market for it...
  2. Don't play know Incarnate is one of your favorite movies...second only to The Devil Inside... Watched the original Cape Fear tonight, the one with Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck, holy hell that was quite a ride. Mitchum was one menacing motherfucker and I honestly think I liked it better than the Scorsese remake...
  3. Whats with the tracklisting.... "The One Armed Box Cutter....???" I haven't listened to this album in 10 years but saw that song title and was like that's not fucking right... Its "The One Armed Boxer"...Duuurrrrr
  4. the cartoon of course...just realized how unclear that was...
  5. More true than funny...and sickening at how true it is...
  6. Surprised this got a vinyl release because their last one didn't... ...bought the hesitation...really digging that new song!
  7. Mr. Savage... I believe this was directed towards me (with good reason) but I just wanted to save my ass a little bit and throw out there that I spent most of the year buying older albums. I bought the entire Genesis discography (yeah I know Phil Collins sucks...blah blah blah), about 18 Bob Dylan records as well as everything Springsteen came out with up to Tunnel of Love. Also bought a copy of Prince's 1999, the represses of John Coltrane's A Love Supreme and Blue Train, A pretty extensive order from Numero Group, Joni Mitchell's Blue, A shit ton of Frank Sinatra (all in the $1 bin and in perfect condition)The Smiths, some Morrissey represses and some punk records I've been wanting to get forever like Jim Carroll Band's Catholic Boy and Fear's The Record I would recommend any one of those albums BTW... I just wanted to clear up that in terms of new music I usually listen to a good portion of pop/punk/emo because that's typically what I dig...but I branched out a lot this year and bought/listened to a ton of albums I never would have before...but the list is for new that didn't come through... Have a great holiday Macho Man! next year I'll try to make my list as eclectic as yours
  8. Top 5 Favs of 2016 1. The Hotelier - Goodness 2. Conor Oberst - Ruminations 3. Posture And The Grizzly - I Am Satan 4. Tiny Movin Parts - Celebrate 5. Brian Fallon - Painkillers Honorable Mentions That I Still Need To Spend More Time With... Into It Over It - Standards Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere Teen Suicide - It's The Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir The Honeypot American Football - LP2 You Blew It! - Abendrot Touche Amore - Stage Four Letlive - If I'm The Devil Moose Blood - Blush (totally forgot about this one after listening once) Records I Still Need To Buy... Childish Gambino - Awaken My Love Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues Taking Back Sunday - Tidal Wave (have heard nothing about this album...but I'm remaining optomistic) Joyce Manor - Cody Balance And Composure - Light We Made Biggest Disapointment Blink 182 - California...I actually forgot this existed a week after it came boring Not going to lie...I spent most of my year listening to the Hotelier and Conor Oberst.... My list came out a little more typical than usual and that kind of bums me out because usually I have a sleeper album that comes out and just knocks my socks off every year like Julien Baker's Sprained Ankle last year and Foxing's The Albatross the year before....this year everything was about as I expected it to really new bands blew me away this year...It was just a lot of my old favorites making solid records... Except Blinks California....what a snoozefest...ughh! My Best album of 2017 prediction - The Menzingers - After The Party See you in 2017 Motherfuckers....
  9. Sup Ya'll I'm looking to finish up collecting some of the Aaron West stuff I missed out on when I didn't have the extra cash...These are for my The Wonder Years collection so any help would be appreciated. I have pretty much all of the old stuff that I want...It's just keeping up with the new stuff now... I'm looking for a copy of If We Don't Have Each Other - Blue Vinyl Bittersweet 7" - Red/Blue/Green - Tri Color 1/100 Bittersweet 7" - Tour Edition Bittersweet 7" - Sea foam Green - 1/300 Any help with these would be great...just hit me up with a price and hopefully we can work something out...
  10. I'm a teacher, totally willing to participate through DM. Send me a message and I'll answer whatever questions you need...
  11. I used to love Say Anything and Max but I think I grew out of his just doesn't do anything for me anymore... Last record of his I liked was Self Titled...I may pick up Hebrews for super cheap someday if its in a clearance bin or something but...I don't know...this is pretty bad
  12. Gold Old War - Only Way To Be Alone - Signed by the whole band The Early November - The Rooms Too Cold - Signed by Ace, Jeff and Joe...missing Sergio Foxy Shazam - Welcome To The Church Of Rock n' Roll - Whole Band CDs Manchester Orchestra - Like A Virgin Losing A Child - Whole Band Circa Survive - Juturna - Whole Band The Ataris - So Long Astoria - Kris Roe
  13. I can't help but feel like we are getting too caught up with labels in this thread...I feel like those things are created purposely to divide us and keep us divided...If there will ever be any progress we need to set aside the labels and have conversations about the current problems in our country and how they can be solved. I might get some hate for this but I would recommend the documentary on Netflix "Requiem for the American Dream" which I found very insightful when looking at the history of our country and why we are where we are today. It is only 70 minutes so it is a short watch but it is quite interesting. I'm a huge fan of the novel 1984 by George Orwell and see some major parallels between what Noam Chomsky is talking about and the novel, specifically in the beginning where he is talking about the concentration of wealth leading to a concentration of power that leads to legislation that proliferates that concentration of both. It is an unbroken cycle. In the totalitarian state of Oceana in the novel 1984 The Party keeps people controlled by the cycle of war. They go to war (in the middle east) to build the labor force, to make weapons for war, to get destroyed in the war so the cycle continues. I feel like Chomsky is making the argument that while we are told we are living in a democracy, it has become more of a liberal totalitarian state. We get all this rhetoric from the media (both liberal and conservative) that we live in the "greatest country in the world" and that "America is a democracy" but what if that is all just rhetoric to continue our belief in the lie that we are a democracy? It is an interesting question. I mean look at what happens when the people protest against what they feel is something that is wrong and how the police respond to it. Is our first amendment right to free speech and the ability to protest just a ruse that our government wants us to keep believing we have? Also, he makes and interesting discussion about the idea of socialism and compares it to public education. "From the point of view of the masters you are only supposed to care about yourself and not care about others. It has taken a lot of effort to drive these basic human notions from peoples heads and we see it today in policy formation in social security. Social security means I pay payroll taxes so the widow across town has something to live on. This means nothing to the rich so they put a lot of effort into destroying it. The public schools are based on this same principal of solidarity. I no longer have children in school, they are all grown up, but the principal of solidarity says that I should pay taxes so that other students have the same right to go to school." (all of that is paraphrased from the documentary) I feel like these are the same things we are trying to do with healthcare and higher education right now and it brings up an interesting point. Should we care about our neighbors and help them or should we just care about ourselves and the bottom line? My personal interpretation is that it is a basic human emotion to care about others and I agree with Chomsky in his argument that the people in power are trying to drive this principle of solidarity out of us because it serves no purpose to them and it only makes us stronger as a democracy... I hope this incites a healthy debate and discussion because all of the hatred and bigotry towards "liberals" and "conservatives" and "republicans" and "democrats" gets us nowhere...