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  1. you probably aren’t too far off, they pressed the welcome to the family comp a couple years ago.
  2. https://www.discogs.com/seller/thenewethic/profile some more of the records from the test press auction?
  3. Just received my clear splatter copy yesterday, however it shipped from Massachusetts and I live in Massachusetts so that might be why. But at least seems like they are slowly going out.
  4. Yeah wax vessel had preorders at the end of February 2021 and it got stuck in the production black hole so hasn’t shipped yet. I think technically discogs only allows an entry once records are actually in hand and shipping, so they only have the digital files listed for now.
  5. unfortunately I don’t know if these from a second story window albums will be pressed beyond the discography done by wax vessel last year.
  6. would also love one of those cassettes. Also don’t know if you do Reddit it all, but posting on the vinyl release/pre order page might be you some more people to check out the kickstarter. https://www.reddit.com/r/VinylReleases
  7. bull moose is great, but as it’s just a small regional independent chain I would imagine other indie spots will have this eventually too
  8. yeah I thought vagrant had better mailers from past orders, but man that thing was flimsy
  9. https://allhailbehemoth.com/products/arsonists-get-all-the-girls-motherland-lp sorry to bump this particular thread but first time on vinyl for motherland
  10. Exactly, and there is the option of taking the standard deduction which doesn’t require one to list out expenses. But obviously if your expenses are higher than the standard deduction it’s better to itemize everything out so you can get full credit for all expenses.

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