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  1. just impressed with how organized everyone’s collection is….
  2. is that a complete collection of the little crimson ghost figures? I never realized there were so many!
  3. Church road is carrying it for the uk/eu but I think they only have black available or you have to join their subscription service for their color exclusive https://churchroadrecords.com/collections/church-road-releases/products/narrow-head-moments-of-clarity-pre-order
  4. I guess now Fred durst is okay with it? The comments on Reddit have been funny, lots of preorder day meltdowns
  5. honestly surprised they didn’t try to get more on that listing
  6. Damn there is even a chocolate starfish variant…will be attempting to purchase
  7. Yeah the confirmation email from wax bodega had this in it: You are entitled to a download of: - *Available October 28th (EDT) at 12:00 AM* Never Before Seen, Never Again Found
  8. if I remember correctly, in the past the person who runs Longinus has said the artist was not that interested in pursuing anything related to physical releases so I don’t know if there will ever be another pressing. To be fair though, that was said before they did like 3 cassette runs and a cd version so maybe things have changed.
  9. Purchased thanks for the post, I might have missed it otherwise!
  10. Bummer for sure, they have put out some seriously good stuff. I’ll be purchasing till the end.
  11. It was clearly stated after ordering that they don’t send email confirmation, just the pay pal payment confirmation. Not sure where you are ordering from but shipping between Canada to the US has been pretty high for a couple years now.
  12. you probably aren’t too far off, they pressed the welcome to the family comp a couple years ago.
  13. https://www.discogs.com/seller/thenewethic/profile some more of the records from the test press auction?