WTT: Looking for pink vinyl! & FT: Brand New, Chuck Ragan, Matt Skiba, etc.

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I am trying to collect all of my records on pink vinyl,
I don't need to have two copies of the same record,

So I am trying to trade my copy for your copy (we can work out the details and stuff).


I am mainly looking for :

Pity Sex - Dark World (Yes I know the repress is pink but I am broke)

Basement - I Wish I Could Stay here

Joyce Manor - Self Titled

Joyce Manor / Summer Vacation -  Split


If you have any other album I have but on pink let me know!!


Also up for trade (for anything not just pink vinyl)



  • Amber Inn | Serenity In Hand | First | Black
  • Chuck Ragan | Sawblade (The) | First | Red | Shaped like Sawblade
  • Kill Me Tomorrow | I Require Chocolates / Rats For Sale | First | Yellow
  • Manic | Caroline Ghost Remixs | First | Black
  • Ra Ra Riot / Delicate Steve | First | White | 23/500 | Record Store Day
  • Various Artist | Fuled By Ramen Singles Set (Five 7" in a pack) | First | Black | 5000



  • Brand New | TDAGARIM (Orange/White)
  • Brand New | TDAGARIM (Blue/White)
  • Ed Shrader’s Music Beat | Jazz Mind | First | Black
  • Matt Skiba and the Sekrets | Babylon | First | Red | 136/666
  • mewithoutyou | Catch Us For The Foxes | Fourth | 180g Dark Red | 700
  • Polar Bear Club | Clash Battle Guilt Pride | First | Amber | 1000 | Signed
  • Portraits Of Past | Self Titled | Second | Trans. Green | Screen Print
  • Tower And The Fool (The) | How Long | First | Yellow W/ Blue | 100 w/ book
  • Transit | Listen and Forgive | First | Gray W/Pink | 1000
  • Tyler The Creator | Goblin | First | Black | 2LP
  • Yaphet Kotto | The Killer Was In The Government Blankets | Black | Screen Print

My entire have/want collection is linked below.
Feel free to offer on things I don’t have listed above, but no promises.


Also, feel free to trade things of simliar genre that are not listed.

I just started that want list and not everything I want is on there.


Feel free to check out my for ideas.

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Just buy all the unsold copies of "Lies for the Liars"


I hear it also comes in green. 


I had to google that. I haven't listened to the use in a while. dang haha



If I spray paint records pink does that count?


Sure, if I can mail you a print out of the records instead :)

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i also like pink records, if i have the option i usually go pink.


I never really cared until I got

Then I realized I wanted them all.


This guy is a very cool dude, go here and buy the 7" and his bands new album!


Really wanna find the Pity Sex pink :(

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