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  1. FANSD vinyl restock: https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/relient-k-forget-and-not-slow-down-2lp-vinyl-repress-pre-sale-starting-tbd Five Score: https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/relient-k-five-score-and-seven-years-ago-2lp-vinyl-pre-selling-mid-2015 Two Lefts: https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/relient-k-two-lefts-dont-make-a-right-but-three-do-2lp-vinyl-pre-selling-early-2015
  2. FANSD repress https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/relient-k-forget-and-not-slow-down-2lp-vinyl-repress-pre-sale-starting-tbd
  3. Newsboys Step Up To The Microphone on vinyl: https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/newsboys-step-up-to-the-microphone-smlxl-exclusive-lp
  4. E-mail SMLXL about it and they should get you a replacement.
  5. mmhmm restock (Gold version): https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/relient-k-mmhmm-2lp-limited-edition-green-vinyl-250-numbered-copies
  6. Cities repress: https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/anberlin-cities-2lp These are limited again so get one if you’re interested while they’re available
  7. Another variant here: https://www.impericon.com/de/story-of-the-year-tear-me-to-pieces-half-pink-half-orange-colored-vinyl.html
  8. Highly doubt it. A lot of those records were available for years and took quite awhile to sell out, so I don't think there's much demand for more of them. But who knows.
  9. Understandable. There are a couple more represses coming and there’s quite a few of the Let It Snow available so you could probably wait and bundle if you want.
  10. Let It Snow repress (new variant): https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/relient-k-let-it-snow-baby-let-it-reindeer-2-lp-vinyl-pre-sale-mid-november-2014-ship-date
  11. Air For Free repress now available: https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/relient-k-air-for-free-2lp-180-gram-white-vinyl-pre-sale-expected-ship-date-late-june-early-july-2016?variant=18095393859
  12. Several sold out quickly...missed out on the new /100 one that matches the other three black/gold /100 variants.
  13. Nah that totally happened. I remember, it was interesting to say the least.
  14. I wonder if the reason NFG Catalyst and Coming Home haven't been pressed is because of Drive-Thru exercising some clause/option to press them...or something legal I don't understand pre-empting anyone else from pressing them. Who knows.
  15. But then I'd miss out on owning MxPx's best album cover

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