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  1. So wait was the colored vinyl only on the Bong Load site or will newbury and others have it?
  2. Would anyone be willing to snag me a copy of this, the Arcadia Campus, and the James Ferraro ones? I don't get paid till wednesday and I really don't want to miss out. Gladly throw a couple extra bucks your way for the trouble!
  3. I feel you. I have a pretty complete star wars vinyl collection, so Ill pay to keep it intact! Thanks for the help
  4. NVM it was CHROME being terrible. Was able to do it in Firefox, ugh with shipping it's a 40 dollars 7", really overpriced!
  5. It sold out, I don't need to spend the money but still, I wanted one!
  6. Is there any non-dead links? I can't get Kings Road to load for shit.
  7. Awesome! More Star Wars pops Ill never be able to find at a Walgreens!
  8. Was able to order. Don't know if others were still having trouble, but it worked after a few tries!
  9. If you don't mind another funko loser butting in, I'd like that snoopy pack, BMO, Lich, or Green Goblin and I'd be happy to Paypal you in advance if you want. I mean if they let you get more than 1 Nerd Cuthulu could you grab me one too?
  10. Depends on what it is. There's some good and some terrible. What did you listen to?
  11. This is the whole thing that's in the Vaporwave is dead album with the Ukrainian guy or whatever right?