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  1. I’ll probably hold off on this one until I get get it cheaper elsewhere.
  2. Oh, I agree fully. It’s ridiculous. I was just meaning that it shouldn’t be at all surprising. I’ve seen other artists consistently releasing good vinyl at $15-$20. So, it’s clearly possible....but they tryin to max that dollar.
  3. So, I get (and agree) that $32 is high for a vinyl. But if you go brows new vinyl releases on any major website, they’re all too expensive. I don’t know if it’s the manufacturer upping the prices or if the bands/labels are just taking advantage of the vinyl hype.
  4. So.....I wasn’t able to snatch this up when it was available. Now I can’t find it anywhere (other than Discogs for too much money). Anyone interested in getting rid of a copy? I may I’ve trades but I definitely have cash.
  5. I have a copy of “Failure On” by Beloved from Broken Circle Records. I bought it from a friend several years back. He said he only played it once or twice. I’ve never played it. Not even sure which variant it is. Just trying to find out if anyone would like it cheaper than the Discogs price ($75). Shoot me some offers. I may also be open to trades.......I’ve been hard hunting for “Heavy Fruit” by He Is Legend.
  6. Is anyone looking to part with their collection? I'm looking for Hercules Moana Lilo and Stitch Tangled Bambi Peter Pan Jungle Book Hunchback DM me!
  7. I hate that this is the franchise soundtrack. I would've dropped $30 each for the individual movie soundtracks without thinking about it. If they mess up A Goofy Movie (which I am currently watching ;D ) I will be so upset.
  8. Yes!!! It sold on eBay for $70 in December. I paid about $30 (s&h included). Shoot me an offer!

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