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  1. Agreed. I love Polar Similar so much and get the sense that this album is going to outdo it for me. These songs are so heavy and well constructed.
  2. 3rd variant post from reddit. Digging this one a lot along with the yellow/blue/red.
  3. Sheet Happens Publishing pressed Tommy’s solo album Pulse on 2xLP opaque pink / translucent light blue limited to 300 copies. Price is a little steep after shipping but excited regardless for this one. https://www.sheethappenspublishing.com/shop/936/thomas-giles-pulse-2xlp-translucent-light-blue-and-opaque-pink
  4. Looking to sell my copy of the Adventure Time Come Along With Me OST. Yellow/Blue Split release from mondo. Near mint. SOLD
  5. Hey everyone, looking to sell my copy of the recent repress that’s on clear beer w/ black splatter and the slipcover. Near mint. $30 shipped. US only. DM me if you’re interested.
  6. My favorite material yet. The instrumentation on Truth Is A Lonely Word and Shrinking Violent especially are incredible.
  7. This exactly. The feedback in how Oh, Hello ends and transitions into Suspending Disblief definitely sounds like it was recorded that way.
  8. All of the above. The price tag is lame but this album is so good. Definitely the most enjoyable and dynamic album from he is legend in my opinion. Uncanny Valley and The Interloper are so good. The title track and Resister Resist Her are some of my early favorites as well. The booklet and embossed lettering is a nice touch too considering the price tag. It’s also $5 cheaper through amazon at the moment if you have prime.
  9. Zia records has it up for sale on their site now as well. Looks like the striped version is going to be an indie exclusive. Safe to assume there will be official preorders through vagrants KRM store next week sometime.
  10. Just got my copy in the mail today and spinning it now and it sounds great. Cut at 45 and the Intro, Lude and Chinese New Year are included. Not sure why they left the titles out of the tracklisting but none the less it’s amazing. Gatefold as well.
  11. 3rd press is available outside of bundles now for anyone looking to pick this up. https://merchnow.com/products/v2/289127/scream-through-the-walls-bluewhite
  12. Opaque yellow is definitely new because the older press is translucent gold. Not sure about the red. I know the hot topic Exclusive was red so that one may just be leftover copies.
  13. Bright Eyes - The Peoples Key (Black) + Singularity 7” (Trans Blue) $24 ppd shipped. The Fall of Troy - Ok (Black) (BSM version) $17 ppd shipped.
  14. No, it’s the same statement. All I meant was that I picked up the starburst variant from their merch table. They said they roughly had about 200 and everything after that would be on black.