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  1. Bright Eyes - The Peoples Key (Black) + Singularity 7” (Trans Blue) $24 ppd shipped. The Fall of Troy - Ok (Black) (BSM version) $17 ppd shipped.
  2. No, it’s the same statement. All I meant was that I picked up the starburst variant from their merch table. They said they roughly had about 200 and everything after that would be on black.
  3. Definitely feel like this is their best work. Saw them in Vegas and was able to snag one of the starburst variants and it turned out great. Reptile, Blood Eagle and Satellites are amazing. They keep getting better and better live too. Definitely recommend hitting the show if it’s coming to your town.
  4. I feel this seems to be routine with some of EVR's new artists. I bet there is already a second variant/pressing in the works once this one sells out. Probably an indie exclusive between 300-700 copies will be available down the road I'm sure too.
  5. Ordered as well! Dig the color scheme for that pressing too. Also, the new songs they played on this last tour were great. One of them which I had never heard before was very atmospheric and vibey.
  6. So stoked! One of the new songs they played on this last tour was so good.
  7. Same. I feel like it’s been around that price every time I’ve ordered from an artist who goes through SCP. Right? That’s how I feel about the Better Oblivion 7” that’ll eventually go online. Glad the flexi comes with this one too and can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Hopefully the Luna repress goes up too.
  8. Ruby + Diamonds Flexi up now. http://matkerekesmerch.limitedrun.com/
  9. Well my buddy went to the first date in Arizona and Vegas was the second and nobody from either date got them. I feel like they had to have first gotten them in LA. Not sure either though but definitely can’t wait for them to go online. New song was good.
  10. They didn’t even have the 7” here in Vegas which was the 2nd night of tour which was a huge bummer. They had about 5 shirts, a hoodie, the poster, enamel pins, slipmat and a stress ball that was a house lol.
  11. I’m sorry, I should have broken that sentence up. I meant for good now I would assume as in the listing because it was put up and taken down a few times. Stoked this album is finally being pressed.
  12. Looks like The Ocean And The Sun is finally up on KRM for good now I would assume on black vinyl. https://kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/view/?id=15487&artist=59 also a shirt and crew neck from the tour available as well.
  13. Incredible. Caught them here in Vegas and the full band sound really gives more life to the songs. It was nice and made me want a live version of the songs. New song was great and I’m bummed because the 7” wasn’t available at our date. They also did a cover of Can’t Hardly Wait by The Replacements. Opening band Sloppy Jane was also quite an experience. Definitely want to get there early for them.